10 Things That Make No Sense About Manny

Manuel Alberto Javier Alejandro Ramirez Delgado has been an integral part of Modern Family‘s success over 11 strong seasons. As the eldest son of Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, Manny has always been different from the rest of his family. He was wise beyond his years and was an old man in a kid’s body. More than that, he was best friends with his mother and relied on her for every big step he took.

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However, over the years, things didn’t always make sense about Manny. Fans took to forums like Reddit to show vent frustration with the character and his odd idiosyncrasies.

10 Why Did Manny Continue With Football?

manny playing football - modern family


In the fifth season, Manny tries out for the football team when his Uncle Cameron becomes the coach. It’s obvious that the only reason Manny is on the team is to make Jay proud of him  — and it doesn’t hurt that jocks get the girls — but why did he continue playing if it didn’t make him happy?

It was also odd that Manny was on a baseball team with Luke in season 4. Manny adores all things related to the arts. Sports are not really his forte and he didn’t enjoy playing them. It was out of character for him to stick with something he disliked.

9 The No-Fly List

manny on the no fly list - modern family

When Gloria planned Jay’s birthday trip to Hawaii, she invited the entire family to celebrate with them. But as per usual, their travel plans went awry when Mitchell forgot his wallet, Claire had a fear of flying, and Gloria had to handle an issue with Manny.

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The airport flagged Manny down because of his name. Apparently, there was a Manny Delgado on the no-fly list, so he was questioned before he could fly with his mother. However, this never seemed to be an issue again when he went to Colombia for the summer, Australia with the family, and, it’s assumed, Europe with his father.

8 How Did Gloria Save Money For College?

In the episode “Ringmaster Keifth,” Gloria tells Jay and Mitchell that she saved enough money for Manny’s college tuition. Perplexed, Jay asks how she was able to set aside $40,000 without him noticing it on the bank statements. Gloria tells Jay that she set aside money from her years of being a taxi driver and hairstylist. However, when viewers meet Manny, he’s 11 years old. Was Gloria seriously able to save $40,000 in less than 10 years (because she met Jay before the show took place) while also paying for an apartment, bills, food, and school for Manny?

7 Was Manny Popular?

Manny’s popularity has been an on-going question over the years. As a child, he was bullied by his so-called “friends.” They even drew a mustache on him while he was sleeping at a sleepover. He was also used by a popular kid in school because he thought Gloria was attractive.

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Oddly enough, a popular girl named Sam used Manny to make her boyfriend jealous and another girl invited Manny to a house party instead of Luke. Since when did Manny slowly get popular? And if he was as popular as it seemed at times, why did he have so much trouble keeping a girlfriend?

6 Why Didn’t Manny Want To Speak Spanish?

manny doesnt speak spanish - modern family

Gloria hasn’t always been the kindest person to the family, but she would do anything for them in a heartbeat. As a mother, she would give her life for her children and doesn’t ask for much in return. The one thing she did ask of Manny was to speak Spanish so he would stay close to his Colombian roots.

Oddly enough, Manny didn’t want to speak Spanish. He told his mom it felt unnatural to him and that he would rather speak French. Knowing how he would do anything for his mom, it was very out of character for him to not at least try to learn Spanish. What’s even odder is that in the episode “The Big Guns,” Manny noted that he spoke three languages. If that’s true, why don’t viewers hear it?

5 He’s A Feminist But Comes Off Creepy

Being raised by a strong, single mother, Manny has a deep love and understanding of women. His feminism shows in “All Things Being Equal,” when he and Luke join a women’s equality march. But as much as he claims he respects women, he has weird ways of showing it.

Fans have noted that Manny has stalker-like tendencies where he keeps track of his crushes’ whereabouts so he can surprise them. This is notable when his crush leaves her jacket behind and he puts presents in each of her pockets. It turns out he’s been watching her for weeks and knows her well enough to fill the coat pockets with her favorite things.

Instead of giving women space, Manny can be pushy and unknowingly creepy. These actions were seen as cute when he was a child, but are off-putting for an adult.

4 Manny’s Personality Flip-Flopped

mannys birthday party - modern family

As a child in elementary and middle school, Many acted well beyond his years. On one of his birthdays, Jay made the comment that the reason he got along with Manny so well is because he doesn’t act like your average kid. He’s always been an old soul in a young body.

Those words affected Manny and he regretted not acting his age. But in a weird turn of events, when Manny was in high school, he began acting younger than his age. It was as if he flipped the switch. He became entitled and whined when things didn’t go his way, much like a little kid would. Fans were hoping things would even out by the 11th season but it didn’t happen.

3 How Is Manny A Good Cook?

manny cooking class - modern family

As a stay-at-home mom in the early seasons, Gloria did everything for her family. She set up Jay’s appointments and cancelations and prepared every meal with extreme poise. She always made Manny’s breakfast, school lunches, and even made his coffee for him.

But when Manny got older, he suddenly signed up for a cooking class to express his love of food. What was odd about this is that he was never the one cooking in the kitchen. In fact, he’s typically sitting at the island watching his mom cook the meals. Yet suddenly he was this masterful cook who was stellar at making lasagna?

2 He Has No Connection To Stella

manny and stella - modern family

As precious as Stella was, the connection to the Delgado-Pritchetts had with her shifted over the years. If viewers can remember, it was Gloria who wanted Stella in the first place while Jay was not fond of the idea of having a dog at home. When Manny came home and saw Stella, he was obsessed with her and begged Jay and Gloria to keep her. But as seasons continued, Manny’s connection with Stella disappeared. He didn’t seem to care for her, giving her little more affeciton than a pat on the head.

1 He Came From Humble Beginnings But Isn’t Humble

It was when Manny was creating his video for Julliard that viewers realized he hasn’t learned much about his upbringing. He came from humble beginnings being raised by a single mom, had an absent dad, and moved from Florida to Texas to California before the age of 11.

And yet, by his late teens he was entitled and pompous. He judged others for not knowing playwrights, works of art, and the differences in coffee. If anything, his application to Julliard should have made him realize how good he has it and how he takes it all for granted.

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