10 Things About Angela Martin That Make No Sense

Angela Martin is one of the hardest characters to like on The Office. There are plenty of things about her that don’t really make any sense.

When one talks about some of the funniest and most legendary sitcoms around, then it goes without saying that The Office would definitely be a major part of this conversation. It’s easy to see why this is the case — a combination of a brilliant story, a unique brand of humor, and some truly brilliant writing have all combined to give The Office a noticeable edge over most of the other shows in this particular genre.

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Of course, one simply can’t talk about the best parts of The Office without mentioning its colorful cast of characters, each of whom is memorable in their own way. Even the characters who have performed some less-than-admirable things are still lovable in their own way, and one need only look at Angela Martin to understand why this is the case. Angela is a great character by all means, but that’s not trying to gloss over the fact that there are some aspects of her persona that are quite nonsensical indeed.

10 The Details Of When Dwight And Angela Started Seeing Each Other Is Quite Hazy

The Office


Dwight and Angela’s relationship is one of the enduring romances in The Office that goes through its fair share of twists and turns, before culminating in a proposal and wedding that serves as the finale for this beloved show.

However, one thing that most people aren’t clear about is the exact time when they started dating. It was definitely sometime at the start of Season 2… but what triggered this relationship in the first place is a mystery, especially since they barely interacted in Season 1 anyway.

9 It’s Weird That She Decided To Marry Dwight Even After He Killed Her Cat

While Dwight and Angela might’ve had some chemistry, it’s still no excuse for the fact that Dwight purposely killed one of Angela’s cats for no justifiable reason whatsoever!

That’s borderline psychotic behavior, and the fact that a supposed cat lover like Angela gave this a pass is quite odd indeed.

8 It’s Weird That Dwight Decided to Marry Angela After She Played Around With His Emotions

Of course, it’s not like Angela didn’t mess with Dwight too. It almost felt like her relationship with Andy was just a ploy to drive crazy, which was quite horrible on her end.

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The fact that both these people ultimately ended up together after the horrible things they did to each other is proof that love really is blind.

7 Andy’s Relationship With Angela Was The Worst Thing Ever

Speaking of Andy and Angela, one must state that this dynamic was easily one of the worst parts of The Office — especially during the seasons that were undoubtedly the show’s highest point.

Andy clearly was in a loveless relationship with Angela, who barely showed any affection towards him for the longest time and only used this relationship as a way to get Dwight jealous.

6 It Boggles The Mind As To Why Andy Would Even Propose To Angela In The First Place

The more one looks at Andy’s insistence to stick with Angela, the more one fails to sympathize with this character after a point.

This is especially true when people see that Andy even went so far as to propose to a woman who had shown absolutely no affection to him whatsoever up to that point! It was only after this relationship ended that Andy’s character finally improved… before plummeting by the end of the show once again.

5 The Fact That She Lied To Dwight About The Father Of Her Child Is Simply Obscene

Regardless of whatever reasons Angela might’ve had at that time, the fact that she lied to Dwight about him being Philip’s father is absolutely unjustifiable.

The fact that she reveals this information to Dwight only for him to react with jubilation instead of questioning her decisions makes this reveal even more infuriating.

4 It’s Surprising How Long She Stuck Around With The Senator

For the longest time, pretty much everyone but Angela was aware of the fact that the Senator was gay, and was only using Angela as a way to pretend that he was straight in order to keep his political career afloat.

However, even after she was aware of this — along with the fact that the Senator was cheating on him with her own colleague — she still decided to stay married to him, which is just so superficial and horrible that one can’t really feel sorry for her here.

3 She Was Terrible To Everyone Around Her… But Was Never Ostracized From Anything

Contrary to her name, Angela was anything but an angel. In fact, she was downright horrible to everyone in the office, to the point where it would’ve been perfectly justifiable if the entire office hated her.

However, this wasn’t the case, and Angela was always a constant in whatever social gathering the office workers were participating in, regardless of whether it was a professional or personal setting.

2 The Idea Of Signing A Contract To Conceive A Baby Is The Most Ridiculous Thing Ever

Dwight and Angela’s eccentric relationship might be humorous in its own way, but one can’t deny the fact that the contract that they signed to conceive a baby was one of the most ridiculous things ever.

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Sure, it might be excellent from a comedic perspective… but it makes no sense whatsoever from a logical point, and it should be pretty obvious to anyone that Dwight and Angela are extremely logical when it comes to their decision-making.

1 How She Managed To Maintain A Great Figure Before And After Her Pregnancy Is A Mystery

After Angela gets pregnant, she never stops comparing herself to Pam and how picturesque she looks even while pregnant, while Pam just looks… like every normal pregnant person ever.

While this is certainly quite funny, one has to wonder what Angela did to keep her body in such a great condition before and after her pregnancy, especially considering the fact that her petite figure would’ve made the pregnancy harder on her as well.

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