10 Most Hated Characters In The Series

There are no shortages of badass characters to be found in the Mission: Impossible series. The franchise has prided itself on bringing forward personalities that match Ethan Hunt very well from one mission to another. At times, even villains have turned out to be rather likable.

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On the other hand, there are the characters that have been built up with the purpose of them to be disliked. These aren’t just the antagonists either, with certain characters being hated for causing a bunch of problems for Ethan or for having generally unlikable personalities. Let’s see which ones made the cut for this list.

10 Alan Hunley


Before he surprisingly became something of a sweetheart in Fallout, Alan Hunley’s storyline of wanting to shut down the IMF was among the most hated in the series. He was a complete jerk in the fifth film, to the point where actor Ving Rhames even told Alec Baldwin he didn’t care about the latter’s character death.

Hunley was a constant thorn in the side of Ethan Hunt’s team during Rogue Nation, and his excessively antagonistic attitude towards them is something fans won’t soon forget. Although he was a good guy in the sixth movie, his earlier personality warrants his inclusion here.

9 Owen Davian

Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Owen Davian in Mission Impossible III

Other antagonists have occasionally been given some features that can make them likable, but Davian had next to no redeemable features. His role in causing the death of Ethan’s close ally Lindsey Farris was the first in a series of deplorable actions.

His worst action was going so low as to kidnapping Ethan’s wife, stripping away any chance that this guy might have any scruples. The only thing one could like about him is his death scene, which at least compensates for all the bad things he did.

8 Sabine Moreau

Sabine Moreau

One of the reasons why many fans consider Ghost Protocol to be the most superior movie in the series is due to the main characters having their personal antagonists. Sabine was Jane’s villain in the film, giving the viewer a good reason to despise her as she killed Jane’s lover in cold blood.

She seemed to relish the idea of being the apex killer and the biggest fish in the pond, even mocking Jane over the trauma she caused her. Most who watched the film rooted for her to get her just desserts, and it was ever so satisfying when she did receive it.

7 Erika Sloane

Despite not doing much that can be considered as too hateful, Erika finds herself on this list for being the weakest of the authority figures seen in the series so far. Along with that, her antagonism toward Ethan Hunt evoked the same attitude that Alan Hunley had.

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In some ways, she represents how the series has gotten worse in the authority figure department, not providing any assistance to Ethan and being yet another hurdle for him to surpass and prove himself to. Overall, Erika was enough of an annoyance to be a hated character.

6 Solomon Lane

Solomon Lane

It’s clear the movies want viewers to hate and be scared of Solomon Lane. His snakelike mannerisms were such that one feels instantly when he’s on-screen, and there’s the fact that he tried to kill off millions of people for his own needs. Let’s hope he stays gone from the next film to make way for another villain.

The most hated aspect about him was his thirst to make Ethan suffer, evidenced by when he used Benji to speak to Ethan and plan to blow them all up. His arc in Fallout was basically Lane being petty for revenge, signifying how this guy was willing to slaughter anyone with no remorse.

5 Alanna Mitsopolis (White Widow)

While Fallout ranks among the best movies in the series, certain characters just didn’t hit the right mark. The White Widow and her brother were such, being too on the nose with their criminal personalities and not aligning with the series’ style.

Mainly, Alanna didn’t sit all that well with viewers because of her extremely strange attraction to Ethan, which reached inappropriate levels. Her role, while contingent to the plot, was riddled with scenes that didn’t have much to do other than her taking away minutes from the runtime.

4 Atlee


Nobody likes a backstabber and Atlee certainly qualifies here. Not only did he play both sides, he turned out to be the one who started the Syndicate in the first place. Fans generally hate him for the trouble he put Ilsa through, having been her handler.

His manipulation of her and attempts to make Ilsa the enemy of Ethan were actions that made his overall villainy seem even worse in context. Since he didn’t possess any innate charm either, the only emotion one can feel for him his hatred.

3 Claire Phelps

Claire Phelps mission impossible Cropped (1)

There hasn’t been any woman who’s brought Ethan as much heartbreak as Claire did. She played with his emotions in order to get Jim’s plans into motion, knowing full well that Ethan harbored feelings for her. She was also willing to set him up as the fall guy.

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Knowing the kind of person Ethan is in the romance area, it was Claire who made him so insecure about losing the women he’s loved. Although Jim was the main bad guy, Claire was the one who succeeded in breaking Ethan’s spirit, drawing the continual ire of fans.

2 John Musgrave

John Musgrave

The only reason Davian was able to get into prime position was due to Musgrave’s role as the mole in the IMF. He set up Lindsey’s death and got Julia kidnapped by Davian. He also fully intended to kill Julia had she not done so before he had the chance.

It was because of this guy that the IMF’s reputation was shattered, to the point where future films continued to show the government’s reluctance to fully trust the organization again. More than anything, it was his two-faced personality that doesn’t sit well with fans.

1 Sean Ambrose

Sean Ambrose

Mission: Impossible 2 isn’t exactly the highest-ranked film in the series. A common criticism is that it plays too much to action stereotypes, with Ambrose being the villainous counterpart to the hero that is Ethan. His unlikable nature has to do with Ambrose’s abusive nature and violent persona.

He didn’t possess any intriguing motives either, instead having the generic villain arc to make himself rich and powerful. Fans are generally put off by how uncomfortable he made Nyah, not to mention the high body count he racked up just for the heck of it.

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