Xbox Series X Specs, Accessories, Hardware, & More Explained

The next-gen consoles from both Microsoft and Sony are almost here. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is releasing soon, and there’s a lot of details regarding the system out there already. With so much information, it can sometimes be difficult to sort through it all.

Looking to see if the Xbox Series X or Series S is the better option? Or just wanting to read up on the latest console specs and controller info? We’ve compiled a list of all the top questions people are asking about the Xbox Series X online and given the most thorough answers possible.

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The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s next-gen console. While the Xbox Series X is the flagship console for Xbox, the Xbox Series S is an all-digital version arriving on the same day. With incredible load speeds and impressive graphics, the Xbox Series X is being eagerly anticipated by a range of gamers and Xbox fans alike. Here’s everything we know about the Xbox Series X so far.

What Does The Xbox Series X Look Like?

Xbox Series X Console Review


The Xbox Series X is a large rectangular console that stands upright. For now, it’s only available in black. However, the all-digital Series S comes in white. Some people have jokingly compared it to a refrigerator, and Microsoft is even giving away a literal fridge that looks like an Xbox Series X through a recent contest. The Xbox Series X is quite large, but it isn’t nearly as massive as the PlayStation 5.

How Much Does The Xbox Series X Cost?

xbox series x cost

The Xbox Series X is priced at $499.99, which puts it right on par with the standard PlayStation 5. This also means the next-gen console costs just as much as the current-gen Xbox One X. However, the all-digital Xbox Series S console is just $299.99, which makes it a real bargain for anyone who doesn’t want to keep physical copies of their games. The Series S is also great for any players who want to take advantage of the Xbox Game Pass over buying actual games.

What Is The Release Date For Xbox Series X?

Xbox Series X Launch Date and Price Details Seem Imminent

The Xbox Series X and Series S are both expected to release on November 10th, 2020. Some lucky players have reported their consoles arriving early. However, most people shouldn’t expect their consoles to arrive until at least Tuesday, November 10th. The COVID-19 global pandemic may cause delays as well, although the scope of those delays won’t be known until launch day.

What Are The Specs For The Xbox Series X?

xbox series x controller

The Xbox Series X has an impressive eight-core 3.8GHz (3.6GHz with SMT) custom AMD 7nm CPU, and 12 teraflops of GPU that can run 120 frames per second. This means it has two times the power of the current-gen Xbox One X. While the Xbox Series X can support up to 8K resolution, most games won’t run that natively.

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Both the Series X and the Series S come with three USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports and expansion ports for 1 TB Seagate Expansion Cards, which will exactly match the consoles’ internal storage. The Series X comes with 1 TB of storage, but only 802 GB are usable. The Series S, on the other hand, only comes with 512 GB of storage since it’s an all-digital console. Only about 346 GB will be usable, however.

What Is The Difference Between Xbox Series X And Series S?

Xbox Series X & S Papercraft Models Released To Help You Plan Your Setup

As shown in the photo above, there are certainly size and color differences between the Xbox Series X and Series S. The biggest difference is that the Xbox Series X can play physical copies of games while the Xbox Series S is an all-digital console. Because of this, the storage on the Series S is significantly smaller than the storage on the Xbox Series X. This also means the Series S doesn’t have a disk drive, which is part of the reason it’s tinier in size than the Series X. Another difference is cost. The Xbox Series X costs $499, while the Xbox Series S is $299.

Will A Mouse And Keyboard Work On Xbox Series X?

Xbox Series X Original

As a Microsoft console, Xbox has a long history of supporting a mouse and keyboard. Those features are thankfully still intact with these next-gen consoles as well. Both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S come with three 3.1 Gen 1 ports, which means a mouse and USB keyboard will work with either console.

How Much Storage Does The Xbox Series X & Series S Have?

xbox sereis x and s

The Xbox Series X has 1 TB of storage, with about 802 GB being usable. As an all-digital console, the Series S has even less. With around 364 GB of usable storage, and 512 GB total, the storage space of the Series S is incredibly small for a next-gen console. However, it is priced considerably less than the Xbox Series X, so that may be a factor when consumers decide on the right console for them.

Can You Expand Storage On Xbox Series X?

Xbox Series X OS And System Files Take Up 200 GB Of Internal Storage

Yes, you can expand storage on the Xbox Series X and the Series S. Due to the size of modern games, the Xbox Series X and Series S will probably require the purchase of additional storage at some point. Officially, Xbox recommends the Seagate Storage Expansion Card, which adds 1TB of space. These Seagate Storage Expansion Cards aren’t cheap, however, so some gamers may be content with just uninstalling old games to make room for newer ones.

What Kind Of TV Works Best With Xbox Series X?

LG CX OLED with Xbox UI

The Xbox Series X can run games at 120Hz with 4K output. For those who want their games to look their best, that means owning a 4K TV that can support 120Hz as well. While some 4K TVs are better than others, they’re thankfully much more affordable now than they were a few years ago.

Can Xbox One Games Work On Xbox Series X?

Xbox One Xbox Series X games

The good news is that the Xbox Series X is backwards compatible. This means Xbox One games will be playable on the console, in addition to past Xbox and Xbox 360 games that are already compatible on Xbox One. So, while some Kinect Games won’t work, the vast majority of past Xbox titles will work just fine on the Xbox Series X.

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However, this isn’t the case for the Xbox Series S. As an all-digital console, it can’t play physical copies of games. If people want to play older games on the Xbox Series S, they’ll have to do it through Xbox Game Pass or by purchasing a digital copy of the game. Additionally, through the new Smart Delivery feature, supported games will be able to have saves carried over between systems.

Do Xbox One Controllers Work On Xbox Series X?

Xbox One controllers will work with the Xbox Series X. They use the same wireless capabilities, so the new Xbox controllers will work interchangeably with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Older Xbox One controllers are also backwards compatible with the Series X. One Wireless Xbox controller in the default color of Carbon Black will ship alongside the console at launch.

For now, that’s everything we know about the Xbox Series X. Microsoft’s next-gen console releases on November 10th, 2020. We will continue to update this post as more information becomes available.

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