Wolverine Tried To Kill Cyclops Over Jean Grey

Ultimate Wolverine and Cyclops affection for Jean Grey got to a point where Logan left Cyclops for dead in the Savage Land so he could have her

X-Men Wolverine and Cyclops rivalry throughout the years is partially due to their clashing personalities, but mainly due to their mutual affection over teammate Jean Grey. Although in current X-Men comics their unique relationship with Jean has them at peace, it wasn’t always that way and in other universes, it got even worse. In the Ultimate universe, the battle for Jean Grey’s love had Logan let Scott Summers fall to his death, leaving him and the truth to die in the Savage Land so he could have the young Marvel Girl all to himself.

In the Ultimate Marvel dimension, a separate Marvel Universe meant to introduce classic characters to modern-day audiences without the burden of continuity. This new interpretation of the famous mutant superheroes saw a group of teenage X-Men joined by the mysterious (and older) Wolverine, overseen by Professor Charles Xavier. Scott Summers’ affection for Jean Grey was apparent to almost everyone yet Scott’s inability to act upon it allowed Wolverine to swoop in, with the result being part of the reason Cyclops quit the X-Men and joined Magneto’s Brotherhood for a while. Fortunately, after Wolverine’s duplicity regarding his membership to the team was revealed along with their defeat of Magneto, Jean Grey ended things with Logan and eventually, Scott and Jean officially started dating.

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Writer Mark Millar and Adam Kubert’s run on Ultimate X-Men continued to escalate the tension between Wolverine and Cyclops to its breaking point. In ‘Hellfire and Brimstone,’  Scott took Logan’s taunts too far and retaliated by blasting him, triggering Wolverine into a berserker rage that was stopped only by Professor Xavier’s intervention. As punishment for their bad behavior as well as damages to the school, Charles selected both of them for a mission in the Savage Land, hoping working together would help them resolve their issues. During their mission, Cyclops suffers a bad fall due to an unforeseen accident. Hanging from a ledge, Wolverine goes to reach down and pull him up while Scott just has to point out the irony of the moment. Realizing that he has an opportunity to eliminate his competition altogether, Wolverine chooses not to be the better man and lets Scott go, seemingly falling to his death. When Logan and stowaway Kitty Pryde return in the ‘Ultimate War‘ story-line, Wolverine tells the X-Men that Scott has died as he attempts to comfort a heartbroken Jean Grey.


In the ‘Return of the King’ storyline, Millar, Kubert, and David Finch reveal that Cyclops did not die. Instead, his bruised and broken body lay alive in the prehistoric Savage Land. Gaining nourishment from rainwater and insects, Scott has plenty of time to realize the error in underestimating his rival for Jean Grey’s affection. His attempts to focus on survival is distracted by images of Jean and Logan together, something he must have thought about when he was unknowingly rescued by Magneto’s forces. Scott was rejuvenated and healed by the technology on Magneto’s Asteroid M and Cyclops revealed himself, and what really happened, to the X-Men during their fight with Magneto. Naturally, the truth shocked everyone including Jean Grey especially when Wolverine admitted that it was all true.

With Magneto defeated and their innocence proven, the X-Men finally confronted this hideous betrayal as Wolverine and Cyclops faced each other. Realizing that an apology just wasn’t going to cut it, Logan told the other’s not to intervene as Jean’s boyfriend and her ex-partner face each other. This time Cyclops was the winner, cathartically blasting Wolverine away and kicking him off the X-Men at the same time. Shockingly Scott surprised everyone by later finding Logan and offering him a place on the team again, seeing it as a remaining chance for redemption. Although not everyone was so quick to forgive, it is admirable that Cyclops would want to work alongside Wolverine, considering few would want to be around someone who tried to kill them just to get with their girl.

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