WhatsApp Users In India Can Now Send Payments, Here’s Why & How

WhatsApp, the popular communication service, now allows users with bank accounts and credit cards in India to send payments through the app.

WhatsApp, the popular communication platform, has taken the first steps to make digital payments easy and accessible for people across India. Payments through WhatsApp had already been possible in other countries. Introducing the feature in India, though, will potentially provide access to a significant number of new users.

Founded in 2009, WhatsApp allows its users to send text and voice messages, as well as make voice and video calls, as long as their devices have an internet connection. It’s become an effective way for people to communicate across different continents and countries. More recently, WhatsApp has developed into a digital transactions service for people across the world. That now includes India.

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WhatsApp has partnered with the National Payments Corporation of India using the Unified Payment Interface to allow users that have a bank account and debit card in India to transfer money within the app. In a blog post announcing the service, WhatsApp said its working with five leading banks in India: ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, the State Bank of India, and Jio Payments Bank. Sending payments will require entering a personal UPI PIN each time, but the feature will be widely available for people with the latest version of the iPhone and Android app. The option will appear alongside the various other sending options with the sender simply needing to select the “Payment” option from the share list.

Other Features For WhatsApp Users


WhatsApp’s primary function is as a communication service. WhatsApp allows for one-on-one messaging, as well as group chats with up to 256 people at once. The app is available for both mobile and desktop, allowing anyone to send and receive messages through the app, regardless of what kind of device they are using. Voice and video calls are also supported for WhatsApp for free, even if they are currently in a different country. Users only have to handle data charges that may apply from using their phone’s cellular connection. Additionally, users can send photos, videos, voice messages, and documents to their friends, family, and peers.

With the implementation of digital payments in India, WhatsApp seems to have taken significant measures to cement itself as a one-stop shop for person-to-person exchanges. Sure, there are apps and companies out there that perform certain features better. Zoom or Skype are typically more popular for video calls, and Venmo is a more widely-recognized service for digital payments. However, there aren’t many companies offering everything within a single app, and that puts WhatsApp in a unique position.

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