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Apple’s smallest smartphone ever, the iPhone 12 mini, is now available to pre-order, starting at $699 or $729, depending on carrier selection.

Apple announced the newest and tiniest iPhone 12 mini at its ‘Hi, Speed’ event in October and, after weeks of anticipation by eager fans, it’s now available to pre-order. Despite the small size, this is a full-featured phone, just as fast and powerful as its bigger sibling. It has 5G capability, supporting more bands than any other manufacturer with both the widespread Sub-6 bands and the fastest mmWave bands.

Besides the headline feature of 5G, this year’s iPhone 12 mini has a cool new flat-edged design. This matches the design of the iPad Pro and new iPad Air 4 and will provide a different hand feel. Early reviews suggest it is less likely to be dropped thanks to the more defined edge. But if the iPhone 12 mini does slip from the hand, it has four times better drop protection than previous iPhones, thanks to the new Ceramic Shield glass on the screen and dual ion-exchange glass on the back. The iPhone 12 mini has the fastest mobile processor in the world, the A14 Bionic, and an upgraded main camera that lets in much more light, dramatically improving low-light photos. It’s powerful, portable and, most agree, the best small smartphone on the market.

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The hotly anticipated iPhone 12 mini is now available to pre-order in black, white, red, blue and green. Blue is a new color for the iPhone this year, so it will definitely get attention. Apple provides offer comparisons for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Most offer 24 month payment plans, but the base price is $699 with all four carriers. A bit of an oddity, Apple offers the option to pre-order iPhone 12 mini without a carrier, but charges $30 more, making the total $729. This same $30 cost is added to the larger iPhone 12, but not to the iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max. The reason is because the carriers refund $30 when the phone is activated, so this represents a $30 activation incentive.

iPhone 12 mini Ship Date & Memory Options

iPhone 12 with crystals over galaxy


Apple’s iPhone 12 mini can be pre-ordered now. Online Apple pre-orders will ship to arrive on November 16th, if all goes well. Given the pandemic, shipping is still a bit unpredictable at times. Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone 12 mini will also be available in retail stores on the 16th. The starting price is $699 for the version with 64 GB of storage if purchased with a carrier selection, or $729 without choosing a carrier. The capacity can be doubled for $50 more ($749), or quadrupled for an added $150 ( $849). Apple also offers trade-ins for those with older models of the iPhone, with a value of up to $500 for an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The iPhone 12 mini is a unique offering from Apple and the entire smartphone industry. It has been many years since such a small phone was offered at the most feauture-loaded end of the market. More recently, a small phone meant a budget phone, lacking a good build-quality and good specifications. However, Apple hasn’t held back at all. The smallest phone Apple offers is second only to the Pro series, which costs at least $300 more. For anyone interested in a top-quality small phone, Apple’s iPhone 12 mini is available now for pre-order and is highly recommended.

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