What Shiny Pokémon Look Like (So You Don’t Miss Them)

Pokémon has added many different ways for players to catch Shiny versions, but sometimes noticing a Pokémon is shiny is trickier than it might seem.

There are many different things to do in the Pokémon games that have released through the decades, from battling the Elite Four to Hunting Mysterious Legendary beasts. Ever since Pokémon Gold and Silver, becoming a Pokémon Master and completing the Pokédex wasn’t the only end-game content players could focus on. Shiny Hunting has become a staple of the games over the decades. The hunt was expanded with the addition of the Shiny Charm for completion of a Regional or National Pokédex, depending on the game, and then grew to include actual methods to hunt Shinies, like chaining encounters or soft-resetting games before a Legendary battle.

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Shiny Pokémon are coveted for their rare encounter rate, and the alternate colorations that can range from very subtle to vibrantly different. For some players just starting out who know they want to hunt a Shiny Pokémon, it is easy to miss an encounter altogether if the player doesn’t know what to look for. When a Shiny is engaged in battle, there is a short animation of a shimmer of sparkles that will come off of the Pokémon, and a sound effect like chimes will play. This Shiny animation is how the alternately-colored Pokémon got their name. However, if the player misses this, and doesn’t know that the Pokémon they are looking at has a different coloration, that special encounter could be passed by without a glance.

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To successfully hunt a Shiny Pokémon in any Pokémon game, it is good to look up what they will look like in the art style for that generation. Older games are less clear, as the coloration and actual in game art lacks the vibrancy of modern 3D models. Knowing exactly what color a player is looking for will help to prevent missing a Shiny Pokémon while hunting. It is also important to make sure the Pokémon isn’t shiny locked for the specific game. Another tip is to pay close attention when entering a battle for the Shiny animation if the Pokémon being hunted doesn’t have a drastic color change. Seeing the Shiny animation at the start of the encounter is a a dead give away to catch that Pokémon immediately.

Pokémon’s Pikachu: Not Shiny Vs Shiny

Pikachu shiny not shiny pokemon


Pikachu is an example of a Pokémon with a very subtle Shiny form. The difference in a Shiny Pikachu is just a slightly deeper shade of yellow, and if a player misses the Shiny animation, it would be almost impossible to catch that this fan-favorite is actually a very rare encounter. When in doubt with Pikachu, it’s best to catch it and check the summary after.

Pokémon’s Eevee: Not Shiny Vs Shiny

pokemon eevee shiny not shiny

However, if a player encounters a Shiny Eevee, the visual difference is pretty stark. Most players would know that Eevee usually sports a caramel brown appearance, and the silver alternate would be a dead give-away that it is a Shiny Pokémon, even if the player wasn’t keeping an eye out for a Shiny animation during the start of the encounter, or Shiny hunting at all.

When setting out to hunt for Shiny Pokémon, a little research into what that Shiny looks like, and if that Pokémon is available as Shiny for that game, can prevent some accidental missed opportunities or wasted time. Shiny Hunting is a time-consuming and sometimes difficult process, and it can be infuriating to realize that a one hit knock-out was actually the Shiny Pikachu the player had been searching for. Thankfully, Pokémon has a plentiful wealth of resources online to help players scope what the Shiny they are hunting might look like, and assist them with finding the rare coloration they’ve been on the search for.

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