What Happened Between Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones?

The Bachelorette star Tayshia Adams is ready to start her search for love. Before the show, she was with John Paul Jones. Why did they split?

Before Tayshia Adams was tapped to take over from Clare Crawley as The Bachelorette, she was with John Paul Jones, whom she met during her stint on Bachelor in Paradise last year. Their relationship was in a bit of a triangle on the show, but they eventually came together. The drama did not end there, as they left Bachelor in Paradise alone but reconciled afterward. Later, ended things for good.

Adams is becoming a regular on Bachelor Nation as she has already appeared on Colton Underwood’s season of The BachelorBachelor in Paradise season 6, and now as the lead of The Bachelorette season 16. Although she was unlucky in love with Colton Underwood, on Bachelor in Paradise, it was a different story. John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams were fan favorites, so when they got together, Bachelor Nation was overjoyed and loved the couple. However, their journey was not smooth sailing. Initially, they did not connect, and Adams was interested in Derek Peth, and John Paul Jones went on his first date with Tahzjuan Hawkins. Things between Peth and Adams fizzled out and she and Jones connected. Fans were invested in their Bachelor in Paradise relationship and appreciated how easy their relationship appeared to be. Hindsight shows that their relationship was not as carefree as viewers had thought. They broke up when Bachelor in Paradise ended because John Paul Jones wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. After the reunion, it was revealed that Tayshia had flown to Maryland to see him, which led them to get back together.

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Although they were arguably the strongest couple on Bachelor in Paradise, they did not last very long outside of the beach. Soon after the reunion, Adams announced that the couple had broken up on Instagram. Adams said that the reason for their split was the distance. “We truly did the best we could but at this time have decided that what is best for the both of us is to go our separate ways. We are the best friends and will continue to remain in each other’s life because regardless of the situation, we make each other happy.” According to Cosmopolitan, maturity may have been the issue: “they definitely really liked each other but Tayshia is older than JPJ and in the long term needs somebody a little more mature,” the source went on to say, adding, “she is just more realistic about it and they still had a lot of getting to know each other to do after the show.” Hopefully, Tayshia will be able to find someone who is mature and ready for something serious on her season as The Bachelorette.

Things may not have worked out, but they do remain on good terms, as John Paul Jones congratulated Tayshia on becoming The Bachelorette and wishes her the best on her journey. It is unclear if John Paul Jones is single but it seems as though this may be the case.

Fingers crossed that Tayshia finds the love she’s looking for, just like Clare Crawley did with Dale Moss. Tayshia Adams will not have the standard Bachelorette journey, but fans do want to see her have a fairytale ending.

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Source: Cosmopolitan


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