What Among Us’ New Map Will Be Like

Among Us has released a developer update stating that there will be a free new map added to the game, as well as new tasks for crewmates to complete.

Fans of the massively popular online multiplayer game Among Us were given a surprise in the form of a developer update this week that addresses some exciting new content to come. It appears that the game will be adding a new map for players to enjoy as they try to puzzle out which of the crewmates around them might just be an Impostor. The game, which originally released in 2018, hasn’t seen much expansion since its recent explosion of popularity, and this new map could help to keep the game relevant and interesting for players.

The new Among Us map, according to the development team Innersloth, is being created to give an interesting new space for fans to play. The new map is going to challenge the current largest available in the game, Polus. A bigger map in Among Us is beneficial for the game, as it supports the larger game sizes that are popular among players, and makes the use of more Impostors in a session less of a juggle. A bigger map also lends itself to the new tasks that the developers mentioned in the patch notes for the recent Among Us update log.

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The map has been announced to be themed around the popular Henry Stickmin games, a collection of choose-your-own adventure stories in which the player must help Henry, the protagonist, through a series of decisions that progress the story. The choices the player makes can either advance the story in a positive direction, or have unfortunate and comical consequences if incorrect. This is a game that rewards failure with humor, which matches the mood for Among Us‘ tendency to find macabre jokes in the face of crewmate death sequences.

Among Us’ New Map Will Be As Large As Polus If Not Bigger

Among Us new update


While it isn’t yet known how the developers plan to incorporate the inspiration drawn from the Henry Stickmin games into Among Us’ new free map, there are plenty of ways that the ideas from the choose-your-own stories could be implemented. It might be that tasks could have consequences if done incorrectly by crewmates, or that by choosing to do them in the wrong order they could have to start over. Impostors might have to select between vents and the wrong choice could have dire consequences. The opportunities for new mechanics with the update have great potential to shake up how Among Us is being played.

The inclusion of a new, large map in Among Us for players to explore will help bring a fresh face to a game that has been largely the same for the past two years, even if it’s popularity only surged recently. By updating Among Us with another, larger map and different tasks, fans will have new experiences and the opportunity to build different strategies when playing with friends. The inclusion of Henry Stickmin concepts for possible inspiration to the map or tasks could put a unique twist on what fans have come to expect from the game so far. Overall, the update is one to look forward to, as players look for new challenges in the game.

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Among Us is now available on PC and mobile devices.


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