Watch Shawn Ask Destinie To Meet His Ex

Shawn and Destinie are trying to move past their trust issues on Love After Lockup by setting up a meeting with Shawn’s ex and baby mama, Kelly.

Shawn and Destinie are at odds again on Love After Lockup. As the couple works to move past their trust issues, a new exclusive clip of the Friday, November 6 episode shows Shawn’s attempt to set up a meeting between Destinie and his ex, Kelly.

Destinie and Shawn have put the ups and downs of their new relationship on display in season three of Love After Lockup. The two met through a prison penpal program while Destinie was serving her time. During her stint, Shawn kept their long-distance relationship strong by putting money on her books and making sure she had everything she wanted. It was treatment Destinie grew accustomed to and expected to continue upon her release. But the tension between the two began to surface after Shawn revealed the $50,000 he’s on the hook for should Destinie get arrested again, in addition to her finding out Shawn’s real age and how many children he really had.

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After initially telling Destinie that he only had two children, Shawn admitted he actually had six kids with his ex-girlfriend, Kelly. Not only that, but he and Kelly speak often about their children, something Destinie hasn’t taken a liking to. After she blew up on Shawn for secretly speaking to his ex, Shawn is working to do damage control to maintain peace in his relationship and family. In an exclusive clip of Friday’s episode, Shawn confronts Destinie with a proposition to meet his ex now that the two are engaged. “Now that we’re engaged I want Destinie to meet Kelly,” Shawn reveals during his confessional. “And hopefully this will be a path forward so Destinie can start meeting my kids,” he adds. Watch the full clip below:

Shawn went on to reveal how “afraid” he is to tell Destinie about the meeting. The two are flying high following his proposal, so his nerves show when he brings up his ex. “I really think that you need to meet Kelly,” he tells his fiance. “So that way you can meet my kids,” he adds. But, unfortunately for Shawn, Destinie isn’t interested. “Honestly, I don’t think that’s a good idea right now,” she replies before adding how she doesn’t want to “jump in and play the stepmom.” Yikes! “The way you say that you don’t get along, I don’t understand why she calls you so much then,” Destinie declared.

It’s clear that the trust issues with the two are still there and it’ll take more than a proposal to change Destinie’s mind. Shawn expressed his hope for them to “bury the hatchet,” but will Destinie give in?

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