There’s Only One Claptrap-Themed Xbox Series X (But It Can Be Yours)

2K Games is offering exactly one Xbox Series X themed after Claptrap from Borderlands, and one fan will be able to win it in a contest.


2K Games has produced exactly one special edition Xbox Series X styled after Claptrap, the lovable robot from the Borderlands franchise, and will be giving it away to one lucky fan. This new console coincides with the next-gen update of Borderlands 3, which will be available at the launch of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S.

The hotly anticipated Xbox Series X is only five days away from release, and fans are eager to get their hands on it. Both Microsoft’s console and its Sony competitor sold out quickly when they were put on the market for preorder, and Xbox head Phil Spencer predicts that there will be a shortage of consoles for months after launch. It’s certainly been an unconventional year for a new console launch; the COVID-19 pandemic has locked society down, cancelled trade shows like E3, and forced millions to begin working from home. Under such conditions, the strained relationship of supply and demand makes perfect sense; it’s harder to manufacture consoles while following lockdown restrictions, but the consoles are all the more desirable as fans seek ways to entertain themselves at home.

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2K has produced one brand new console that’s sure to turn heads, as announced on the 2K UK Twitter page. The publishing company has created a special Series X in the likeness of Claptrap, with the help of XboxPope, who’s made a name for himself creating mockups of consoles based on popular video games. 2K has only made one Claptrap console, and the company will be giving it away. The process by which a fan can win the Claptrap Series X is still shrouded in mystery. 2K has told fans to “start stretching your creative muscles” in preparation for November 9th, which is presumably when the rules of this contest will be announced. XboxPope will be filling in as a guest judge.

It’s a pity that there’s only one Claptrap Series X, because the design of the console looks stupendous. The machine really benefits from its rectangular shape, which has been compared to a fridge so often that Microsoft actually made an Xbox Series X fridge in response to jokes from fans. Sinxw both the console and Claptrap are rectangular, combining the two like this makes a lot of sense, and the results speak for themselves. XboxPope has proven himself time and again with his console designs, and he’s done an excellent job here.

It remains to be seen just what players will have to do to win the Claptrap Series X. 2K’s command to stretch creative muscles indicates some sort of fanart contest, which should make for enjoyable viewing on Twitter. With the next-gen upgrade on the horizon, and the Director’s and Designer’s Cut DLCs on the way, there are big plans in the future for Borderlands 3. One lucky fan will be able to meet them with a very special Xbox Series X by their side.

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Source: 2K UK

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