PS5 Won’t Support 1440p Resolution, Despite Rumors

Contrary to earlier rumors, the PlayStation 5 will not support 1440p resolution, which is bad news for PC players chasing the best graphics.

Sony has announced that the PlayStation 5 will not support 1440p resolution. The new console is only a week away from release, and players are gearing up to experience the next generation of video gaming as soon as they can. With preorders sold out across the board and consoles not available in-store due to COVID-19, it’s becoming more and more difficult for players to get their hands on the new hardware.

As more news comes out about the PS5, players might be getting less and less eager to purchase the new console. For every exciting update fans get, there’s another piece of news that sours the whole thing. For instance, it’s been confirmed by a recent leak that the PS5 will only have 667 GB of storage space on its SSD, about 150 GB less than what Sony told players to expect. That’s a harsh blow to fans, especially in the modern gaming world, which is seeing video game files get larger and larger as developers integrate more advanced systems and graphics. For instance, the new Call of Duty game will be taking up 133 GB all by itself.

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Another disappointing bit of news has been reported by IGN Italy, who has confirmed that despite rumors to the contrary, the PS5 will not be supporting 1440p resolution. This doesn’t mean much for players who intend to hook their consoles up to the TV, but it’s a serious blow for PC gamers, who like to hook consoles up to computer monitors to achieve a wider range of resolutions. Fans were optimistic for 1440p support from the PS5, since its predecessor tends to be a letdown in that department. The PS4 uploads its footage by downscaling it to 1080p and then upgrading to 1440p, which can result in graphics looking blurry. Native 1440p support would have been a boon for PS5 fans who favor computer monitors, but according to this newest report, it’s not to be.

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There’s still a lot to look forward to about the PlayStation 5. The new console will support several accessibility features, for instance; it incorporates a screen reader and a text to speech option, as well as voice dictation for online messages. The buttons can also be remapped to suit the user’s needs. That’s a considerable step forward for accessibility, which has always been a difficult issue in the video game industry.

There’s still a lot of excitement for the PlayStation 5, as its preorder sale numbers show. The lack of 1440p resolution shouldn’t be a deal breaker for too many people, and it’s not like Sony ever officially confirmed it. It’s unquestionably disappointing for PC gamers, but on the whole, it shouldn’t dampen a lot of fans’ excitement for the PlayStation 5.

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Source: IGN Italy

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