Moon Knight is Officially Invited To Join Marvel’s Avengers

Moon Knight has been invited to join The Avengers but will the street level vigilante answer the call and become one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?

Moon Knight was asked to join The Avengers by Black Panther in The Avengers #38, but T’Challa didn’t invite him aboard because he’s a fan of the vigilante. The invitation for Moon Knight to join The Avengers in the comics comes days after the announcement that Oscar Isaac has been cast as Moon Knight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If what readers witnessed in this latest issue of The Avengers is any indication for what is to come in the MCU for Marc Spector, or Moon Knight, then Oscar Isaac’s latest character is in for a rude introduction. 

Black Panther asked Moon Knight to join Earth’s Mightiest as a direct result of the last issue in the series, The Avengers #37, in which The God of Moons, Khonshu, gained vast amounts of power in an effort to stop the oncoming threat of Mephisto. While fighting against Mephisto is generally a good thing, Khonshu was a threat in and of itself, and therefore needed to be stopped by The Avengers. During their battle, Moon Knight gained access to the Phoenix Force and used that power to efficiently take on Khonshu, turning against the God of Moons he once held all faith in and in doing so briefly teaming up with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Moon Knight and The Avengers were eventually successful in defeating Khonshu, though not without taking damage within their ranks. In the aftermath of the latest threat to Earth, The Avengers discovered an even greater threat was lurking in the shadows, a threat they believe Moon Knight could potentially help them eliminate. 

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In The Avengers #38 by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness, Earth’s Mightiest realized that Khonshu may have been onto something in the god’s preparations to defeat Mephisto. Iron Man discovers that there isn’t just one Mephisto, but a multitude of Mephistos scattered throughout the multiverse, waging war on existence itself. Stark sees the great threat facing their Earth as well as every Earth in every universe. The team’s realization is assuredly what prompted the decision to reach out to Moon Knight, hoping to include him on their team after briefly working with Spector to defeat the moon god. Moon Knight knew, one way or the other, of an impending threat of the otherworldly entity and did what he needed to do to gain the power needed to stop the villain. Though the exact methodology in Moon Knight’s actions is usually avoided by the superhero team, The Avengers saw promise in the brooding vigilante, unfortunately, Moon Knight didn’t agree.

Moon Knight Black Panther


In the opening pages of The Avengers #38, Black Panther reaches out to the cloaked vigilante and offers Moon Knight a place on the team. While many Spector fans would undoubtedly be ecstatic to see Moon Knight join the ranks of Marvel’s flagship team, be prepared to be disappointed. Without a second’s hesitation, Moon Knight swiftly and definitively declines Black Panther’s offer. Instead of becoming an Avenger, Moon Knight goes back to doing what he does best, which is stopping street-level crime in what he describes in The Avengers #38 as, “my crappy little corner of the world”. 

Moon Knight’s actions in The Avengers #37 could be considered questionable, tangling himself up in powers that have proven to be dangerous to the Earth, though in reality what he did was in line with his normal style of anti-heroism but on a larger scale. The Avengers #38 brought back the Moon Knight fans of the character know and love, a street-level tough guy who never compromises his beliefs. While Moon Knight’s appearance was brief, the implications of the exchange between himself and Black Panther was great. Moon Knight is officially worthy of joining The Avengers and in future issues readers may see him do just that. If the threat of Mephisto grows greater as the series moves forward Moon Knight may very well suit up with Earth’s Mightiest and become a full-fledged member of The Avengers – but for now, he’s doing his own thing.

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