Monster Hunter World Update Unlocks Most Event Quests Permanently

Capcom has announced one last update for Monster Hunter World, which will bring back every event quest that’s come and gone over the years.

Monster Hunter World is introducing a new update that will permanently unlock almost all event quests that have come and gone over the years. World is the most recent Monster Hunter title that is currently available, and since its release in 2017, it’s made waves, reaching new heights of success for the franchise. The game isn’t just the best selling Monster Hunter title of all time, it’s the best selling game Capcom has ever made, by a rather wide margin.

But all good things must come to an end eventually. Monster Hunter World and its major Iceborne expansion are reaching the end of their lifespan as Capcom moves on to the future of the long-running franchise. The landmark title ended on a high note, with a major title update that brought in the legendary black dragon monster, Fatalis. This special new hunt ensured that long term fans of the game could end their hunting careers with a fight to remember.

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But that isn’t the only thing Capcom is adding before washing its hands of the game. A recent tweet from the official Monster Hunter account has announced the arrival of the Version 15.10 update for Iceborne. The update will scale the special Safi’jiiva Siege quest for one or two hunters, letting smaller groups tackle the legendary dragon, instead of the 16 people the quest was designed for. The update will also rotate out seasonal Astera and Seliana fests every two weeks. Most importantly, though, Version 15.10 will add virtually all event quests, letting them be played by fans who missed them before or simply want to relive the memories. Since the game won’t be seeing live support anymore, this is a wonderful way to send it off, letting players who aren’t ready to say goodbye explore all the content that’s been building up over the years. Capcom has yet to specify which event quests won’t be live, but the phrase “virtually all” indicates that that list won’t be very long.

It’s a bittersweet time for Monster Hunter fans, seeing World slow down like this. The game has had a phenomenal lifespan, and there are certainly millions of fans out there who’ve formed some wonderful memories. Fortunately, all of these event quests will surely give players plenty of chances to make new ones while they wait for Monster Hunter Rise, the next game in the series, which is promising just as many delightful features as World. The new dog companion alone should move a lot of copies all on its own.

It’s always sad to see an online game reach the end of its life. That’s especially true of a widely successful game like Monster Hunter World. No matter how wonderful Rise ends up being, there are sure to be fans who miss the good times they had in its predecessor. But thanks to Version 15.10, players can take heart in the fact that almost every piece of content in Monster Hunter World is ready and waiting for players to explore to their hearts’ content.

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