Marvel Legend John Buscema’s Original Art Reported Stolen By Daughter

45 pieces of original art penned from the hand of the Marvel-defining comics draftsman John Buscema were reportedly stolen this week.

The daughter of longtime Marvel Comics artist John Buscema reached out Thursday, November 5th on social media to request the public’s assistance in recovering 45 pieces of stolen art penned from the hand of the company-defining comics draftsman. The theft marks yet another event in the rare but existent phenomenon of original comic art being stolen. Comic art has for the last few years been a rising category in auction houses around the world that has become increasingly high profile and highly valuable. Buscema’s daughter, Dianne Buscema-Gerogianis, told the public to be on the lookout for the stolen art, and said she was working with the police to investigate the disappearance.

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The theft comes only a few weeks after ComicsConnect announced an expected sale price of $2 million for the original art for the cover of 1974’s Amazing Spider-Man #129 by John Romita Sr. and Gil Kane, contemporaries of Buscema. With the continued appreciation of the market for original comic art at auction in recent years, including Frank Frazetta’s 1969 painting “Egyptian Queen” which served for the cover of Eerie #23 and went for $5.4 million in 2019, there has also risen the specter of theft due to increased interest from parties in the lucrative black market for fine art. The increase in sale price of this art is often attributed to a greater interest in the culture-at-large in recognizing comic books as a part of American heritage, and a valuable part at that.

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The news was broken to the public through Buscema-Gerogianis’s friend, artist Joe Jusko over Facebook, who forwarded her message along with numerous pictures of the stolen property. It read:

John Buscema Original Art


I am reaching out to you all as 45 pieces of Dad’s original artwork was stolen from our family this morning. I cannot go into detail as the police and authorities have been notified.

I am asking to please contact me if you hear or see anything for sale. I cannot post photos of everything that has been taken, but I am posting some

Thank you so very much from the Buscema family.

Instances of theft of original comic art are incredibly rare due to the difficulty of finding a buyer for works of art which are known to be stolen, as most original comic art would be. The most famous instance in recent years would be the 2017 theft of Marvel chief-creative-officer Joe Quesada’s collection of original art by Italian plumber Francesco Bove in a bizarre story that involved him illegally staying at Quesada’s Sparta, New Jersey home before fleeing back to Italy when he was discovered. Artists Shane Davis and Trina Robbins have also reported thefts of their own art, but nothing on the scale of what has been taken from Buscema-Gerogianis.

Buscema, who passed in 2002, was a prolific and wonderfully detailed artist best known for his fourteen-year run on Conan the Barbarian. He also co-created She-Hulk alongside Stan Lee. If you have any information about the theft, please contact the Suffolk County Police Department in Brookhaven, New York.

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Source: Joe Jusko

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