Kathryn Dennis Calls Cameran Eubanks Rumors ‘Karma’

Southern Charm star and former fan favorite Kathryn Dennis has called the marriage rumors about co-star Cameran Eubanks “karma.” Some fans disagree.

Fans of the Bravo show Southern Charm are disappointed in Kathryn Dennis for calling the Cameran Eubanks marriage rumors “karma.”   

Cameran Eubanks decided to leave the beloved Bravo show this past May. She felt that the negative press was a ploy for ratings, and she was not about to partake in any of it. In her Instagram statement, she made it clear that: “Drama is needed to stay relevant on reality television and sadly false rumors about others are sometimes created.” Cameran was a pivotal member of the original Southern Charm cast. She joined the show in 2014 and was the narrator. Fans were upset when they learned that she would not be returning. On Thursday’s all-new episode, Leva Bonaparte wasted no time confronting Kathryn about being the one to circulate the dirty rumor about her friend. Rumors started to swirl around Charleston that Jason Wimberly was stepping out on his wife. Cameran and Jason denied that the gossip was true.

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Kathryn decided to spill some tea to Craig Conover, who has always been very close with Kathryn and Cameran, but he did not like what he was hearing from the redhead. Sewing fan Conover later told Leva about what he heard, according to Bravo. The new girl in town brought up her concerns to Kathryn: “I’m going to start by saying that I was very, very upset this afternoon. I was literally ready to eviscerate you.” Both Craig and Leva felt that the mother of two had just made up the lies to hurt Cameran, as they were based on no facts. Kathryn Dennis told cameras that she felt no remorse about what she said, revealing: “I know because I had a family that I thought was beautiful too, and Cam had no problem doing things to me. Remember the last five years, Cameran? Did you know that quote your mom told you, ‘What goes around comes around?’ That’s where we’re at.” 

Cameran Eubanks Southern Charm.


Her statement chilled Southern Charm viewers to their bones, as many fans of the show believed that the two women were in a good place. Sadly, it does not look like that was the case. The season is going to be hectic and emotional for Kathryn, as she will also argue with Leva about white privilege after her Twitter incident, where she sent a message with a monkey emoji.

The drama is starting to heat up. It is definitely getting warm in the South.

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Southern Charm airs Thursday at 9 pm EST on Bravo.

Source: Bravo, Kathryn Dennis/Instagram


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