Jesse Metcalfe Spotted with Rumored Girlfriend In Los Angeles

On Thursday, Jesse was holding hands with Corin Jamie Lee Clark. They were exiting a smoothie bar near Body Energy Club in West Hollywood.

The newly single Dancing with the Stars alum was spotted hand in hand with Canadian model, Corin Jamie Lee Clark, earlier this week. Rumor has it that she is Jesse Metcalfe’s new girlfriend. 

Jesse Metcalfe was engaged to Cara Santana until mid-January of this year. The couple had originally met in 2009 and got engaged in 2016. Insiders confirmed that their engagement ended as a result of a cheating scandal, however, there were other issues in their relationship before this occurrence. Santana was prepared to get married after nearly 4 years of being engaged, but Metcalfe was still putting off the wedding. In addition, the source confirmed that the duo was having trouble keeping open lines of communication and getting along in general. Although, the tipping point was definitely Jesse’s cheating scandal. The same day they announced their split, photos of Metcalfe with Livia Pillmann, an Australian actress and model, were published. In the pictures, Jesse was hugging and getting close to Livia outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles. Later that day, Metcalfe was spotted with Albany Pietrantonio, an actress, in a LA bar. This time, Jesse was kissing the woman confirming all cheating allegations. In both sets of photos, he was wearing the same clothes which implied that he had seen Livia and Albany on the same day. Earlier this week, Jesse was spotted with a new woman who is allegedly his girlfriend. 

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On Thursday, Jesse was holding hands with Jamie Lee Clark, as reported by the Daily Mail. They were exiting a smoothie bar near Body Energy Club in West Hollywood. The Desperate Housewives star was wearing a Puma mask, honey brown sunglasses, a long sleeve orange shirt with a white logo, light blue jeans and flashy running shoes. Metcalfe was also carrying a pair of folded jeans whereas his companion was holding a smoothie. Jamie Lee Clark was wearing a blue medical mask, a white long sleeve shirt that bore her tummy, mom jeans, a black circular purse and white Nikes with a red check mark. Recently, the Canadian model posed with Too Hot Too Handle star, Francesca Farago, on Instagram. 

Jesse was eliminated from this year’s Dancing with the Stars competition at the beginning of October. He was the fourth to be eliminated, but left in good spirits. “I think Justina [Machado] is gonna win, but I’m also rooting for Johnny [Weir]. I think he’s really good as well,” Jesse said. “I was never gonna win. I thought I was gonna stick around for a couple more weeks. But with this cast, I don’t think I really had a shot!” Even though Metcalfe isn’t going to appear on upcoming episodes of DWTS, you can catch him in the movie Hard Kill on November 23 via Netflix. He’s going to play a security guard in this action thriller alongside Bruce Willis and Lala Kent. 

Leaving a long term relationship can be a challenge for anyone, including celebrities like Jesse. Based on what insiders said, he wasn’t ready for the commitment to Cara which is why he cheated and ultimately ended the relationship. Obviously he’s moved on from his relationship already as people are beginning to talk about his supposed girlfriend, Jamie Lee Clark. We look forward to hearing more about the Dancing with the Stars alum’s alleged relationship with the Canadian model. 

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Source: Daily Mail Your Tango Corin Jamie Lee Clark Instagram

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