Angela Rummans’ Twitter Has Been Hacked For Three Days

Big Brother 20 star Angela Rummans has had her Twitter hacked for three days. She’s now calling out the social network for not being helpful.

Big Brother 20 star Angela Rummans has had her Twitter hacked for three days, and she’s now calling out the social network for not helping her fix the issue. The fans got to know Angela on BB20. Even back then, she was already an athlete-turned-businesswoman who knew exactly what she wanted in life. On the show, Angela was extremely competitive and a skilled strategist, expertly fighting her way to the Final 4. Along the way, Angela also developed a showmance with co-star Tyler Crispen. In 2020, the pair is still together and just moved to a beautiful home in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

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This has been a landmark year for BB20 sweethearts Angela and Tyler, who are also just known as Tangela. Aside from moving from California to South Carolina, the couple is still running their jewelry company, Naut & Chain, and working hard on their sponsorships and collaborations as social media influencers. During the summer, Tyler Crispen was cast on Big Brother 22: All-Stars. He went on to place sixth on the season. Angela Rummans also got to release her highly-anticipated vegan cookbook, Angela’s Plant-Based Kitchen. After struggling with Twitter throughout Tyler’s presence on BB22, Angela is now facing new problems related to the social network.

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Earlier this week, Angela Rummans took to Instagram to warn the fans that her Twitter had been hacked. The hacker had shared a malicious link to Angela’s Twitter page, so she felt the importance of warning her followers to not click on the link in question. The tweet was eventually deleted, which prompted Angela’s fans to think that the issue had been resolved. But on Thursday, November 5, Angela took to Instagram yet again to say that her Twitter profile was still hacked. This means that she’s been logged out of the account for a total of three days. According to Angela, she’s sent about 10 emails to Twitter’s customer service team. However, the social network apparently hasn’t been that helpful.


The Big Brother fans know that Angela has had quite a contentious summer when it comes to her Twitter presence. She first decided to quit Twitter on Tyler’s behalf while he was still on Big Brother 22: All-Stars. According to a video on her YouTube channel, Angela was also having a hard time listening to certain things that the fans were saying to her while Tyler was on BB22. In the end, it was clear that Angela didn’t keep a high-profile on the social network. With that said, it’s a pretty big deal for a social media influencer to have his or her Twitter account hacked.

Hopefully, Big Brother star Angela Rummans will regain access to her Twitter account soon enough. It’s terrible for anyone to be logged out of their social network, but there are even more repercussions for people that literally make a living on these platforms.

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Sources: Angela Rummans’ Instagram

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