5 Characters We Want On Our Team In A Zombie Apocalypse (& 5 We Don’t)

The characters on Modern Family experience a lot over the run of the sitcom. But would Claire, Phil, Gloria and co. be prepared for a zombie outbreak?

The characters on Modern Family get on each other’s nerves, whether they’re celebrating Halloween, on a family vacation, or just living their everyday lives. That’s what makes them so easy to love, as every fan can most likely see themselves in strict-but-loving Claire, sophisticated Gloria, or goofy Luke. That’s what family is for: to celebrate holidays and birthdays with… but also to frustrate each other on a regular basis.

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The characters experience a lot of change and if they found themselves in a zombie apocalypse, that would definitely create some opportunities for strength and resilience. Who would be a great team leader, who would keep everyone upbeat, and who would run away?

10 Want: Phil Dunphy

Modern Family Phil Dunphy fun


Phil sometimes says awful things, but his heart is definitely in the right place.

Since Phil loves inventions and looking on the bright, optimistic side of life, he would be a fantastic ally during a zombie outbreak. As a real estate agent, he’s used to talking to people and convincing them of things, so he could give rousing speeches to inspire the survivors. Even if Phil was wrong about what to do next, his sunny personality would be a huge help.

9 Don’t: Alex Dunphy

Alex in Modern Family

Alex has grown up over 11 seasons and this character who has a really high IQ.

But even though she’s so intelligent, it seems likely that Alex would get totally overwhelmed by the prospect of zombies, and she might not know what to do. She’s not the most friendly of the Dunphy clan, so it’s possible that she wouldn’t connect with the other survivors, and that would be a problem that she would have to overcome.

8 Want: Luke Dunphy

Luke is known for being so silly that he doesn’t really understand what’s going on. But even so, he’s adorable and fans find him charming.

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Of all the Modern Family characters, it seems like Luke knows more about zombies, as he lives in his own world and isn’t always realistic. His personality would help if he had to go up against zombies as he’s not scared of things that other people are. He might even find this whole situation fun.

7 Don’t: Jay Pritchett

Jay would do really horribly in a zombie outbreak. If someone told him where to go and what to do to make sure he survived, he might listen, but he would grumble so much that everyone would be irritated.

If Jay stayed alive, it would only be because he got lucky, as he wouldn’t have original ideas and he wouldn’t want to work with anyone, either.

6 Want: Claire Dunphy

Claire can be mean, but that fiery personality would work well in a zombie apocalypse. It’s easy to picture Claire as a leader who would assemble her team within minutes of learning about what was happening.

Claire is an overly protective, aggressive mother and those would be awesome qualities when dealing with zombies. And since some people would be scared and wouldn’t want to be in control of this situation, Claire would thrive.

5 Don’t: Manny Delgado

As a coffee-drinking intellectual, Manny is beyond mature for his age. But as much as he’s a mini-adult, he’s still terrified of horror movies.

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If he had to save himself from zombies, he would hate that he was facing horror for real, and this would freak him out. He would run, scream, and make everyone else around him afraid as well. It would be a disaster — though of course, he would make some funny comments along the way.

4 Want: Gloria Delgado-Pritchett

Gloria is always funny and she would make quick work of zombies, no problem.

Gloria has had a tough life and before meeting Jay, she was in an unhappy marriage and struggled a lot. Now that she’s in a good place and she knows that her son Manny is doing well, she can focus on the zombie outbreak. Gloria always has unique ideas for dealing with a crisis, and she would be really confident in a crisis like this.

3 Don’t: Mitchell Pritchett

Mitchell wouldn’t step up to lead a team fighting zombies nor does he seem like he would be a good team player.

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Even though Mitch and Cam have a loving relationship, Mitch does get frustrated with Cam on a regular basis, and it sometimes seems like everything makes him mad. Mitch would be upset that there were even zombies in the first place and he would find it hard to cope.

2 Want: Cameron Tucker

Mitch and Cam have hilarious storylines, and watching Cam in a zombie outbreak would be almost too entertaining.

Cam loves music and always wants to have a good time and he would even make fighting zombies fun. People would be surprised by how calm they felt in Cam’s presence, as he would make sure that no one was too afraid, and he would be a big help during this time.

1 Don’t: Haley Dunphy

Haley Dunphy of Modern Family

While Haley and Dylan have a rocky romance that is fascinating to follow, Haley would be super bored during a zombie apocalypse.

She would spend too long complaining that she couldn’t go to a friend’s house or a party, and if anyone asked to do something to help, she would pretend that she would be right on it… and then do nothing at all. She doesn’t have a great work ethic, and she would be more of a liability than an asset.

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