Watch Dogs: Legion – Best Things to Do After Beating The Game

It takes about 20 hours to finish the main story of Watch Dogs: Legion. Here’s what players can do after beating the main game to continue enjoying it.

There’s still much to do in London after completing Watch Dogs: Legion. This guide will show what players can accomplish after beating the base game. Watch Dogs: Legion is the third entry in the Watch Dogs series and unlike the others, comes with a special gameplay feature. Instead of one main protagonist, the story follows, the game is split between millions of different NPC characters that the player can take control of. This includes elderly women, young men, hitmen, spies, and more. The main story of the game takes about roughly 20 hours to finish but there’s still so many players can do if they’re not ready to put the game down. Here’s what players can do after they complete the main story.

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Watch Dogs: Legion takes place in a dystopian take on London as every citizen in the city is under heavy surveillance. Terrorist attacks have been occurring all around the city and are being blamed on DedSec, the main hacking group the player will be controlling. Players will spend the majority of their time clearing their name and solving the true mystery of who is behind these attacks. Players can recruit millions of new characters, each with their own backgrounds and skillsets. Here’s what players can do after finishing the main story.

Best Things To Do After Beating Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs Legion Mask


There’s still so much that players can experience in Watch Dogs: Legion. Here are the best things to do to continue your time in the game.

  • Complete Side Quests: Outside of the main story, the player can help out citizens around the city with smaller missions. They can also help the player gain more experience to unlock more tech and gadgets.
  • Permadeath Mode: In this mode, every time one of the operatives die out on the field, they are out of the game for good. Try playing the game on the hardest difficulty to feel the true fear that comes with losing one of your favorite NPCs.
  • Wait for Online Multiplayer: Online multiplayer is scheduled to release on December 3rd and allows players to team up with friends in new, cooperative missions. Player’s can also just mess around in London if they feel like it.
  • Liberate All The Boroughs: Go around and free the city from tyranny. Doing this not only helps the player 100% the game but allows them different types of operatives.

Watch Dogs: Legion‘s gimmick being allowing players to play as over 9 million characters is an interesting one. While every chunk of operatives is pretty much a select few with different attributes, it’s important to diversify your line-up. With a strong Holiday line-up releasing this year and the game making the jump to the next generation when it releases, it will be riveting to see how the game will hold up. Hopefully, more content will release that focuses more on the multiplayer aspect of the game when it releases.

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Watch Dogs: Legion is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC.

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