TAS Creator Is Worried About Mutants Joining the MCU

X-Men: The Animated Series showrunner Eric Lewald reveals one of the biggest issues Marvel Studios will have in incorporating the mutants in the MCU.

X-Men: The Animated Series creator Eric Lewald shares his worries about how the mutants will be used in the MCU. Both critically-acclaimed and commercially successful, the small screen project is deemed to be one of, if not the best adaptation of the Marvel superheroes. Given what the show achieved, it’s safe to assume that Lewald’s two cents regarding the X-Men’s imminent debut in the MCU are worth listening to.

In late 2017, news broke out that Disney was planning to acquire Fox’s TV and movie assets and immediately Marvel fans focused on the possibility of the mutants and their tie-in characters finally joining the Avengers. After months of rigorous business negotiations between the two companies, the historic sale was finalized, which means it’s only a matter of time before Kevin Feige and his team utilize the long-separated X-Men and Fantastic Four in the MCU. While everyone is generally stoked about this idea, there are also risks in bringing in an already massive franchise as what Lewald points out.

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Speaking with the GWW‘s Change My Mind podcast, the X-Men: The Animated Series showrunner breaks down what could be the trickiest thing when Marvel Studios starts to finally introduce the mutants and their other tie-in characters in the MCU. Relating this to the challenges he faced with the beloved show, Lewald says that the sheer number of X-Men, villains, and their other supporting characters make it more difficult to incorporate in an already established franchise.

“I don’t know. I don’t know how Kevin Feige sleeps at night trying to keep all these balls in the air. But for the X-Men, when people ask me about integrating them in the MCU, I always had the reverse problem. There were too many X-Men and too many villains already in the X-universe and too many connected characters. I found myself cutting half of them out and having stories about three of the X-Men. Just to keep sane and to not have to try to service all of them at once in a 22-minute episode.

So, the idea of all of the X-Men and all of their villains and all of their support crew then interacting with all of the Avengers, and all of Thors and all — it’s just crazy-making to me. I don’t even want to try to go there.”


The truth of the matter is, it’s only a matter of time before these Marvel characters debut in the MCU. So far, there’s no official word about when and how they’re going to be incorporated into the established franchise, but Feige briefly mentioned the X-Men when he announced the slate for MCU’s Phase 4 at SDCC 2019. Chances are that Marvel Studios is being purposefully quiet about their plans which makes sense considering that they have a slew of confirmed projects in their slate and they want people to focus on those first.

If anything, the delay in kicking off the new chapter of the franchise means that it will take much longer before any concrete plans about the X-Men and Fantastic Four are announced, unless Marvel Studios decides to slowly introduce them in other projects first. That means that the MCU will be debuting the mutants one-by-one instead of immediately launching them as a superhero group, which is similar to what they did in Phase 1 when assembling the original Avengers. That way, Marvel Studios doesn’t significantly change the overall power dynamic and focus distribution in the universe by just launching them without proper set-up.

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