Supernatural Series Finale Trailer Honors The Show’s Biggest Moments

A trailer for Supernatural’s upcoming series finale highlights the emotional conclusion to come while also honoring the show’s impressive run.

The Supernatural series finale is almost here, and The CW has released a new trailer teasing the event. The long-running show has been a television staple since it premiered in 2005. After an impressive 15 seasons, Supernatural will air its series finale, titled “Carry On,” on November 19. However, viewers have experienced a more protracted goodbye to the Winchester brothers than expected initially. Season 15 premiered over a year ago and was set to conclude in May 2020. However, like with many other CW series, the coronavirus forced Supernatural to stop filming in March. Though shooting was complete on all but two of the final episodes, postproduction work wasn’t able to be completed on the remainder of those that had been filmed. As a result, a total of seven episodes are in the process of airing this fall.

The delay has given the show’s stars even more time to process its ending and tease what’s to come in the last episode. For his part, Jared Padalecki has called Supernatural‘s finale his favorite episode of the series. Both Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have also described what it was like filming the final episode, with Ackles calling it “weighty.” Though the series finale will honor the show as a whole, it won’t feature a planned montage of returning characters due to the pandemic, but should still serve as a satisfying sendoff for Sam, Dean, and co.

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The CW released the new series finale trailer earlier this week. In it, the network teases the upcoming final episode, while also highlighting the retrospective hour that will precede it. The trailer not only pays homage to some of Supernatural‘s biggest moments but also features behind-the-scenes conversations with the show’s stars. Check it out below:

It’s clear from the trailer The CW isn’t letting the finale delay get in the way of giving Supernatural a proper goodbye. When the series initially shut down production, many viewers worried the final episodes would never be filmed. Luckily, the show’s cast and crew were committed to finishing out the show’s story. The retrospective hour is a nice bonus and has become a more commonplace part of series finales in recent years. Considering Supernatural‘s unprecedented 327 episodes, there’s certainly a lot of ground for the special to cover.

Based on what’s already known about Supernatural‘s finale, it should serve as a satisfying farewell to one of TV’s longest-running shows. Though audience expectations are higher with a show that’s been on for such a long time, the fans are also particularly passionate. This will make creatives eager to deliver a great finale, which is hopefully what happens when Supernatural concludes later this month.

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