Red Hood is Officially Married To [SPOILER] in DC’s Future

In the latest issue of DCeased: Dead Planet, it’s revealed that Red Hood got married during the undead apocalypse to pretty much the perfect person

Warning! Spoilers ahead for DCeased: Dead Planet #5

Despite DCeased: Dead Planet being a continuation of the DC Universe’s struggles in an apocalypse of the undead, happiness can apparently still be found by its heroes. In the latest issue of the series, Jason Todd (Red Hood) reveals that he found love during the end of the world, which sort of fits his character perfectly. Even better is specifically who he’s fallen in love with and even married, much to the surprise of the new Batman (Damian Wayne).

Thus far in DCeased: Dead Planet, many of the surviving heroes who made it to space make the decision to return to the infected Earth after hearing a distress call from the severed head of Cyborg. Apparently, Cyborg holds the key to a potential cure to revert the masses from the rampant and corrupted Anti-Life Equation that’s turned the majority of Earth into the “unliving”. Many of these returning heroes include a new Trinity, featuring the grown-up children and protégés of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman (who had all been corrupted in the original DCeased story), alongside other notable heroes including Black Canary (whose become the Green Lantern), Green Arrow, and Hawkgirl. After a time, they ended up reuniting with some of the surviving heroes who elected to stay behind on Earth and fight, having formed a safe haven thanks to Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Among these survivors include John Constantine, Dr. Fate, Mary Marvel, Swamp Thing, and Red Hood among others.

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Now, DCeased: Dead Planet #5 from writer Tom Taylor with art by Trevor Hairsine sees Constantine forming a team of heroes to gain some powerful weapons so that they might stop Trigon before he burns the entire world in hellfire in three days. While Constantine recruits the new Batman to help him out, he also has his longtime allies Swamp Thing, Red Hood, Cassandra Cain, and Ravager join him as well. Remarkably, Jason reveals to Damian that he married Ravager, aka Rose Wilson, and the happy couple have been relying on each other while fighting the unliving ever since.


The best part about this is how great of a pair Jason and Rose seem to be. They both have quite a lot in common, as Batman comically points out. Just as Red Hood had plenty of issues with his father figure Bruce Wayne, so does Rose Wilson with her father Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke. While some sort of prior relationship was hinted at in the normal DC Universe, and Rose and Jason forming a relationship in the Titans streaming series, DCeased marks the first time where Jason and Rose are truly together (and now married) in the comics.

Unfortunately, the marriage of Red Hood and Ravager ends up being short-lived, as Jason is seen giving his life so that Constantine and the other heroes can retrieve the Spear of Destiny and the Staff of the Wizard to hopefully defeat Trigon. However, Jason is not afraid to die a second time, and it just glad that he got to spend his second life as long as he did with Rose. Red Hood finding happiness is significant, and fans should absolutely be hoping that DC Comics is taking notes from DCeased: Dead Planet for their standard DC Universe. Many will most likely agree: Red Hood and Ravager need to be an official thing, especially now that his time with the Outlaws has ended and his future is somewhat unclear.

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