Recasting The Characters Of Mission Impossible (If It Was Made Today)

Back in the 1990s, Tom Cruise was at the top of his game. He had successfully transitioned from teenage heartthrob to an actor whose name could be said with the likes of Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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In 1996, Tom Cruise was given the reins of what was surely going to be a cinematic thriller that would garner enough nostalgia because of its popular name to drive box office sales. This, of course, was Mission Impossible and it was indeed a high-grossing film and so were its sequels. So, who would play these iconic Mission Impossible characters today?

10 Ethan Hunt: Channing Tatum

white house down channing tatum


While it will always be hard to replace an established icon like Tom Cruise in any film, what better way to do so than replacing him with another Hollywood mainstay? Channing Tatum has the experience needed to pull off his role as Ethan Hunt.

Especially after headlining such movies as White House Down and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Add that with charming good looks and one has a suitable replacement, followed by an assured Hollywood hit that would leave critics giving rave reviews now and for years to come with the sequels.

9 Jim Phelps: Ralph Fiennes

There is no doubt that Jon Voight could be recast in his role as director of the Impossible Mission Force. Time has been good to him and he doesn’t look much different than he did back in 1996. However, if we are looking for a new and exciting take on Jim Phelps character, Ralph Fiennes would fit the bill.

After all, Fiennes has that English charm and appearance to look the part. He also has the credentials as an actor to make him a known name to fans. Not to mention that he has played in other spy films before.

8 Claire Phelps: Scarlett Johansson

black widow iron man 2

The role of Claire Phelps just feels like a role meant for Scarlett Johansson. The Avengers‘ alum not only has the beauty to be a leading lady but the skills and acting to give Ethan Hunt a run for his money. Espionage films are Johansson’s specialty and basically where she has garnered her fame.

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She could easily play a great double agent and love interest of Ethan Hunt. In fact, she could even go beyond that, becoming the tragic figure that fans love to hate even though they know she has to depart.

7 Luther Stickell: Don Cheadle

Ving Rhames always brings that cool and collected acting style that even when playing a villain, fans secretly cheer for. Sadly, if he must be replaced, another Marvel alum would fit in quite nicely with Scarlett Johansson and that would be Don Cheadle. If one has to play a secret agent, Cheadle has the ability to play both sides.

He has played in numerous action movies in his past and could bring some real charisma to the role of Luther Stickell. Not to mention that his name attached to the movie would draw in hordes of fans.

6 Vanessa Redgrave: Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter The Crown

Is there a role that Helena Bonham Carter couldn’t rock? If there is, fans sure haven’t seen it. This Hollywood mainstay is strikingly stunning and fearsome in every single role she takes.

However, it must be said her more memorable roles come from being on the wrong side of the law and that is why she would be perfect as the arm’s dealer Vanessa Redgrave. She could be a villain that guides the franchise through countless movies. This is one casting decision that could garner significant attention from fans.

5 Eugene Kittridge: Ben McKenzie

Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock, Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon and Sean Pertwee as Alfred in Gotham

Ben McKenzie might not be considered an up and coming actor since he has been on the scene for quite some time but his role as Commissioner Gordon on Fox’s Gotham really placed him on the scene with viewers outside the O.C. bubble.

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McKenzie could just slide from his role as Commissioner Gordon into that of Impossible Mission Force director with relative ease and would excel in this role. He even resembles a young Henry Czerny, who played that role back in 1996. McKenzie could take this role and run with it if only given the chance.

4 Franz Krieger: Javier Bardem

Jean Reno just knows how to bring that French flair to the screen and for it, he has had decades worth of work. While Franz Krieger wasn’t his most notable role, he still gave an award-winning performance.

As for his replacement, Javier Bardem could bring some of the mystique that Reno is so known for. Not to mention that he is fresh off of his villainous role as Silva in 2012’s spy movie Skyfall. It would be expected that he bring the same charisma and devotion to his role as Krieger that he did to Silva.

3 Matthias: Andrew Garfield

Fans might recognize Andrew Garfield for his role as Spiderman in The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, where he did a fantastic job of replacing baby-faced Tobey Maguire.

What fans might not know of Garfield is that he has been in a number of war movies and while that might be overshadowed by his Marvel connection it still shows his depth as an actor. His role in Mission Impossible wouldn’t be large but he could really bring some interest to the semi-antagonist Matthias as he tries to thwart Ethan Hunt’s plans.

2 Jack Harmon: Jason Segal

It will always be difficult to replace someone like Emelio Estevez who throughout his time in Hollywood has proven he can bring some spirit and laughter even to serious roles. An actor that might fit into his shoes is Jason Segel.

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While fans might know Segal from his roles in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Sex Tape, they might be shocked to find out that he also has some more serious work on his resume. He’s had roles in Alias and CSI, just to name a few. Playing a short-lived spy on Mission Impossible would be exciting for the actor and his fans alike.

1 Sarah Davies: Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones season 1

If she would only have listened to Ethan Hunt and aborted the mission instead of following the fake traitor Golitsyn, she would have had a larger role in the film. Sadly, she didn’t and met a quick end at the hands of Franz Krieger.

Though her role wouldn’t be long, it would still be one in which Emilia Clarke could really show her potential as an actress. It could finally be a role that breaks her away from her Game of Thrones roots and makes her an international sensation in her own right.

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