PS5 DualSense Controller Has A Removable Faceplate

A new and possibly unintentional feature of the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller was recently discovered, showing that it has a removable faceplate.

The DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 has a number of new, unique features and one of them is a removable faceplate. This was discovered by players who pre-ordered Sony’s next-gen console and received the controller early.

The PlayStation 5 is nearly a week away from its debut in certain markets and two weeks away from becoming available globally. After all of the news and promotional materials that showcased the system’s hardware as well as what games will look like on the new console, fans finally got the opportunity to test some of the PS5’s accessories for themselves in the comforts of their own homes. Many who received the PS5 DualSense controller early took the opportunity to dissect it in order to gain a better understanding of everything it can do. As it turns out, Sony’s newest console controller can do quite a bit, including some things that may not have been originally intended by the developers.

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A recent video by YouTuber John Glasscock demonstrates many of the PS5 controller’s capabilities. One of these is the ability for players to remove the black faceplate on the bottom of the controller with relative ease. This has led to some speculation that customizable faceplates are a possibility in the future, but as of now Sony has yet to announce any plans for customizable plates. It is also unclear if this feature was an intentional one, though the faceplate comes off with next to no effort, suggesting that it may be detachable on purpose.

Curious players have also been able to use the DualSense controller prior to receiving the PS5 console. The DualSense controller works with the PlayStation 3, which has caused a little confusion considering the PS5 console has backwards compatibility with PS4 games, but not PS3 games. More in-depth teardown videos have given further insight into the controller’s capabilities with one player discovering that the PS5 DualSense controller can actually work for the Nintendo Switch if tampered with in just the right way.

After a long wait, the arrival of the next console generation finally feels tangible. Early access to the new DualSense controller is just another treat gamers are getting ahead of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X launches to build anticipation. The technology that will soon be players’ homes around the world unlike any seen in modern console gaming. This should excite gamers for the possibilities such technology could bring for the future video games, especially in a year that has been marred by a global pandemic which coincidentally caused a massive spike in gaming. The new console age is about to take over the world and, in a year like 2020, its arrival could not be more welcome.

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The PlayStation 5 launches in select markets on November 12 and globally on November 19.

Source: John Glasscock/YouTube

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