Life Is Strange, Twin Mirror Dev Dontnod Has Six Games In Production

Dontnod reveals that it currently has six new games in production, some of which might end up moving away from the narrative adventure genre.

Dontnod Entertainment, the developer behind critically-acclaimed narrative adventure Life Is Strange and the upcoming Twin Mirror currently has six new projects in production. Its most recent release is the Tell My Why adventure game, which was created in collaboration with Microsoft.

Tell Me Why is a story of two twins who were separated in their childhood due to a dramatic accident. Having reunited at an older age, they try to become a family once again, but a lot has changed since they last met. The story focuses on general family bonds between twins and the tragedy that separated them while uncovering touching episodes from their past through memory replay mechanics.

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In an extensive interview with GamesBeat, Dontnod Entertainment CEO Oskar Guilbert revealed that the renowned developer is currently working on six new projects simultaneously. In part, it became possible due to the recently established new studio in Montreal, which has a brand new IP in production. The studio is led by executive producer Luc Baghadoust and creative director Michel Koch and employs experienced staff members who previously worked on Life Is Strange. According to Guilbert, he is very proud of the recent releases by Dontnod that have all been treated to a positive reception by both critics and gamers. The future focus with new titles will remain the same – creating deep stories based on original IPs. The genre, however, could change from narrative adventures to actions-RPGs and even interactive fiction. But for now, Dontnod has nothing specific to announce in regards to its mysterious new games in production.

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The next Dontnod’s game after Tell My Why, investigative adventure Twin Mirror, is releasing this December. Much like the previous titles by the company, this project also incorporates exciting game-changing mechanics, although it’s not something unrealistically supernatural. The gameplay feature in question comes in the form of a Mind Palace, which the title’s protagonist visits to update the progress of his investigation. It is somewhat of an imaginary world adding an additional layer of complexity to the story.

Dontnod is planning to expand its team to 300 developers, which doesn’t sound like a lot considering that the company has six titles in production. This is an ambitious goal, and hopefully, the quality of new games won’t be compromised. It is worth noting, however, that Dontnod is an established developer with a record of releasing acclaimed projects. Additionally, not all of these six games have to be as big as the upcoming Twin Mirror, which basically means that some of them could be experimental releases of a smaller scale.

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Twin Mirror will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on December 1, 2020.

Source: GamesBeat

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