Fear The Walking Dead Theory: Who Killed Cameron

It’s clear at this point that [SPOILER] isn’t the one who murdered Cameron in Fear the Walking Dead season 6. So who could the killer be?

Fear the Walking Dead has a murder mystery on its hands in season 6, with it left unclear who killed Cameron. In Fear The Walking Dead season 6, episode 4, “The Key”, the member of the Pioneers was killed, and the real culprit apparently got away with it. In the end, an innocent person (who happened to be a member of Morgan’s group) took the blame and was executed.

Fear the Walking Dead season 6, episode 4 centers on John Dorie (Garrett Dillahunt), and his new life as a Ranger stationed at Lawton, the main encampment of the Pioneers. Shortly after pointing out that no major incidents had occurred recently, John found himself on the hunt for a murderer. One night, a Pioneer named Cameron was found dead near his fence, where zombies had grabbed him from the other side. It was originally believed that he had become intoxicated, and as a result was easily overtaken by the zombies. However, John found a diamond earring near the body and theorized that Cameron had been pushed.

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Despite pushback from Virginia (Colbie Minifie), who at first considered his death to be an accident, John relentlessly investigated the case and discovered a romantic relationship between Cameron and Janis (Holly Curran), a member of Morgan’s group who joined up in the second half of Fear the Walking Dead season 5. It was said that Janis and Cameron were going to run away together. John also found out that Cameron’s throat was slit. Later, Janis gave an obviously coerced confession to the murder. Before John could break her out of jail, she was killed for his alleged crime. To the Pioneers, the mystery has been solved, but it was made abundantly clear that Janis lied, knowing that John was going to get himself killed by trying to help her. This means of course that Janis didn’t kill Cameron, so who did? Here are the characters who could have killed him.



One character who may have killed Cameron is Dakota (Zoe Colletti), Virginia’s younger sister. Introduced in Fear the Walking Dead season 6 episode 2, Dakota is a Pioneer who doesn’t believe in the world her sister is building. In episode 4, she admitted to John that Virginia is protecting someone, and was glared at by the Pioneer leader on both occasions that she was seen speaking with him. It’s possible that even though Dakota doesn’t appear to be a malicious character, she may be involved in Cameron’s death.

If he assaulted her for any reason, she could have killed him in self-defense, and that what happened to him was actually justified. If Virginia knew about it, she could have covered it up and then framed Janis when it was discovered that Cameron’s death was no accident. That would explain Virginia’s apparent anger whenever she would see John speaking with Dakota, as she’d be understandably worried that John could discern the truth. As for why Dakota would say that Virginia is protecting someone, she may be referring to herself because she feels guilt for what happened.

Marcus Or Hill

Two of Virginia’s Rangers, Marcus (Justin Smith) and Hill (Craig Nigh), were mentioned by Janis as potential suspects. Both are characters who served as minor antagonists in the episode that focused on Strand (Colman Domingo) and Alicia. Since they’re two of Virginia’s most trusted allies, she could have helped them cover it up if one of them killed Cameron. It could be that a fight ensued when one of them found out that Cameron was planning on running away from Lawton with Janis. Virginia does seem like the sort of person who would do what was necessary to protect her own, especially if it someone who still had their uses to the Pioneers.

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Instead of revealing that a character viewers knowing about is the real murderer, Fear the Walking Dead could bring back a familiar face from a previous season. The killer could be Rollie (Cory Hart). Rollie, confirmed to return in season 6 via official photos from AMC, was a Pioneer the group encountered in season 5. He was working for Logan (Matt Frewer) when he crossed paths with Dwight (Austin Amelio). After a fight, Dwight had an opportunity to kill him but after remembering his life with the Saviors, spared Rollie’s life.

According to Dwight, he was once an “a**hole” like Rollie, but his life changed when someone gave him a chance to be a better person. It was his hope that Rollie could change as well. However, it may be that Rollie, unlike Dwight, has no interest in going down a path to redemption. Consequences for this decision could emerge in Fear the Walking Dead season 6 if it’s uncovered that Rollie killed Cameron and caused Janis’ death. Such a revelation could elevate Rollie to a much more important, villainous role in season 6.


It does appear that just as Dakota says in “The Key”, Virginia is making efforts to protect someone, but it’s always possible that Virginia played a bigger part in Cameron’s death than anyone realizes. If it was her, her original intention may not have been to get rid of Janis, but to eliminate a possible traitor. After all, Virginia didn’t try to implicate Janis until later in the episode. It may be that Virginia got wind of Cameron’s plan to run away from Lawton. She could have had one of her people kill him before that could happen. Or, it could just be that Cameron knew a secret she didn’t want to get out. Either way, Virginia may have hoped that she could kill Cameron without any mess, but that plan was complicated by John’s investigation. This forced her to pin it on his secret lover, Janis.

Virginia being the murderer would further drive home the point that the leader of the Pioneers is a truly ruthless, menacing villain. Fear the Walking Dead has been pushing Virginia into this direction ever since she tried to leave Morgan (Lennie James) for dead in the season 5 finale. She’s become progressively more threatening ever since. In season 6, she sent a bounty hunter after Morgan to finish what she started, and has remained callously determined to keep Morgan’s group under her heel by any means necessary. She also had Janis executed in a horrible manner despite knowing she wasn’t the killer. The reveal that she was the actual murderer would make her letting Janis take the fall an even worse act and help cement her status as one of The Walking Dead universe’s most evil villains.

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