10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About Black Noir

The Boys made a resounding impact with its first season, quickly becoming one of the most popular shows on Amazon Prime and providing a much-needed respite from the superhero genre that had become incredibly stale over the past few years. The Boys took an interesting spin on the very concept of superheroes itself, portraying the majority of these people as egomaniacs with absolutely no moral compass whatsoever. Season 2 continued this trend in resounding fashion, turning The Boys into an absolute must-watch for anyone into good television.

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One of the major reasons why The Boys became such a massive hit was due to its cast of memorable characters, each of whom captivates audiences with the sheer weight and impact of their performances. One such character is Black Noir, a superhero who hasn’t uttered a single line throughout the entire series… and yet, is still a treat to watch nevertheless. That being said, there are still some fallacies surrounding this character in the form of ten questions that remain unanswered to this day — something that will be elaborated upon in detail over the course of this list.

10 Wasn’t He Just A Bit Too Visible During His Stakeout Of Aunt Judy’s Place?

Black Noir in The Boys Season 2


After figuring out where Billy Butcher was hiding, Black Noir decided to stake out the place — specifically, Aunt Judy’s house.

However, Butcher manages to see Black Noir with relative ease, which would certainly make one wonder as to why the most covert member of The Seven didn’t find a better hiding place.

9 How Does He Manage To Set Off Every Single Trap That The Boys Set For Him?

Black Noir's scarred face

After figuring out that Black Noir was tailing him, Butcher and The Boys decided to set up a bunch of traps that would at least slow Black Noir down.

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It certainly helped that Black Noir ended up triggering every single one of these traps, which is certainly not expected from a hero who’s supposed to be an expert in stealthy operations.

Both these questions build up to the next point on this list…

8 Is He Really The Sneakiest Member Of The Seven?

The Boys: What The Seven's Real Names Are cast

Given the fact that the one espionage mission he takes part in ends up being an absolute, noisy failure, one must question the validity of the statement that Black Noir is the sneakiest and quietest member of The Seven.

After witnessing his conduct when it came to abducting Butcher, one must say that the bar for stealth must not really be all that high in Vought.

7 Why Does He Act So Goofy At Times?

While Black Noir does provide some moments of comic relief throughout the series — such as drinking with a straw, dancing weirdly at a club, failing to get the attention of a waiter, and everything else along the same lines — one can’t help but think that such behavior isn’t befitting of a superhero of his stature.

And yet, there are multiple times when Black Noir ends up being a source of comedy, which is quite odd since he’s the last person one should laugh at… ideally.

6 Why Did He Choose Such A Redundant Superhero Name?

However, after seeing the superhero’s name, one can certainly understand why he might be such a goofball — it’s just his nature.

After all, this man chose to call himself Black Noir — a fairly interesting name… until one realizes that Noir also means black in French. So, he basically just ended up calling himself Black Black.

5 Why Doesn’t He Say A Single Word, To Begin With?

Black Noir in The Boys

Black Noir is mute for the most part throughout the series, and while this might add to his mysterious persona, it’s still certainly weird that he never bothers to communicate throughout the series.

If he actually stays mute all the time, then how is he able to convey anything to the Seven or Vought? And, of course, there’s also the question of why someone as uncharismatic as him would even be chosen to be a part of The Seven.

4 Why Does Vought Serve Nutty Candy Bars If He’s Allergic To Them?

Dominique McElligott as Queen Maeve Nathan Mitchell as Black Noir The Boys

The fact that one of the members of The Seven has a nut allergy is something that should be common knowledge for most Vought employees… and yet, one of them still serves him an Almond Joy to him for some reason.

It’s a good thing that Black Noir isn’t an egomaniac — at least, one might presume — otherwise that employee would’ve quickly found his head to be displaced from the rest of his body.

3 Why Does His Regeneration Not Take His Allergies Into Account?

Nathan Mitchell as Black Noir The Boys

Speaking of allergies, it must be said that the very existence of such a weakness is quite weird, especially given the fact that Black Noir has regenerative capabilities as well.

Technically speaking, shouldn’t his regeneration also combat the side effects of his allergy right when they sprout? Instead, Black Noir ends up scrambling to use an EpiPen, which isn’t something that one would expect a member of The Seven to resort to.

2 How Did He Not Know About Compound V?

After the secret of Compound V is revealed to the public, Black Noir is shown weeping after finding out that his entire life had been a lie.

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However, it’s not like the other members of The Seven didn’t know about Compound V, and Black Noir is one of the oldest members as well! How was he not aware of the very drug that turned Vought into such a massive company?

1 Is He Really An Evil Person In The First Place?

Keeping all the things discussed in mind, one really has to question whether Black Noir is an evil person at heart. Sure, he does Vought’s bidding without questioning them and ends up performing some really heinous actions as a result… but he’s also shown compassion throughout the series — something that the other members of The Seven certainly lack.

Is it possible that he’s actually a good man who has been manipulated by Vought for so long that he never really questions his actions? Because if that’s the case, then it would certainly be intriguing to see what future seasons have in store for this character.

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