Why ‘The Yield’ Is Back After A 21-Season Absence

Having been replaced by the U-Turn thirteen seasons ago, the Yield is back and ready to rumble on The Amazing Race season 32! Will it wreak havoc?

After waiting two years for the premiere of The Amazing Race season 32, fans are getting an extra-special treat: It’s the return of the Yield! That’s right, after a twenty-one season, thirteen-year hiatus, the Yield, or the power to force another team to stop racing for a period of time, is back in play. Will it come and go quietly? Or will this game feature turn out to be the final blow that wreaks havoc on a team’s race? Only time will tell.

The Yield first appeared in TAR5 and was last seen in 2007 on TAR’s eleventh, All-Star season. After that, season producers replaced the game piece with the U-Turn, a vicious move that allows a team to force a trailing competitor to go back and complete whichever Detour task they hadn’t previously completed. This is particularly cruel given the mental challenge the U-Turned team faces in having to perform the task they least preferred with the added hurdle of a time crunch. Though seemingly less dramatic, the Yield carries its own mental kick. Sitting around doing absolutely nothing while fellow teams race on by is brutal for any team. The powerlessness of it is crushing. Teams are forced to sit on their hands and watch as the distance between them and the million-dollar prize grows.

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While some might say the Yield is boring in comparison to the U-Turn, others could say that the Yield is far more sadistic. As for how effective it is, however, it has only eliminated the team it was used against once. Back on season nine, Lake and Michelle dropped their Yield on Danielle and Dani during the fourth leg of the race, sending the two women home.


Effective nature of the Yield aside, it has done little to wreak havoc so far this season. It was only just introduced on the second leg of the race. The teams hiked deep into the salt mines of Columbia in search of a ten or twenty-minute hourglass. Based on whichever hourglass the team found, they would then have the option to make another team wait ten or twenty minutes at the next Yield stop. But when the time came, not one team used their hourglass. For now, these ticking time bombs sit in wait.

In an interview given to Gold Derby, host Phil Keoghan said that after season 31’s reality TV showdown between Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Big Brother legends, they wanted to get “back to basics” with season 32 and give fans all the TAR elements they’ve come to know and love. But while the Yield is back, U-Turns haven’t gone anywhere. A Yield and U-Turns? Seems like getting back to basics actually means turning up the heat. 

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The Amazing Race airs Wednesdays at 9 pm ET on CBS.

Source: Gold Derby

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