The Real Housewives: Ranking Each Series Cast

The Real Housewives is Bravo’s most famous and most successful franchise. It all began back in 2006 with The Real Housewives of Orange County. Ever since then, the network added six other cities to the franchise to see how affluent women live elsewhere around the States. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some rely on petty drama to keep the story going while others do great because of their amazing cast members.

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So far, fans have had the opportunity to have insight into the lives of approximately 120 women. Some of them are outright neurotic and toxic, which makes certain franchises hard to watch at times. The ideal cast consists of women who know how to keep their cool but aren’t afraid to confront their friends about what bothers them.

9 The Real Housewives Of DC



RHODC was the least successful franchise by far. It was canceled after only one season because of the controversy surrounding the Salahis and the Gate Crashers incident. Most other cast members were smart, perhaps even too normal and down to earth for Bravo. They attended interesting events, making it one of the most realistic franchises.

However, if fans wanted to watch something realistic, they’d watch Netflix’s top documentaries. Fans of The Real Housewives want to consume drama, gossip, and displays of wealth instead.

8 The Real Housewives Of Miami


Similar to the DC franchise, The Real Housewives Of Miami was a flop. Apart from Lea, Adriana, and Lisa, fans never really cared for its ridiculous cast. Unfortunately, it’s often the most disliked characters that get the most attention. They have forgotten Miami by now, even though there are several moments worth remembering.

Who doesn’t remember the infamous fight between Krupa and de Moura on “Bras and Brawls: Parts 1 & 2”? Fans can bear screaming matches, but the Miami housewives took fighting too far.

7 The Real Housewives Of Orange County


The Real Housewives Of Orange County has 15 seasons under its belt, which is quite surprising considering it had several insufferable cast members. Fans kept watching despite Vicki Gunvalson’s emotional breakdowns to Tamra Judge’s horrific fights. As the seasons progressed, women’s stories started lacking and so, the frustration with the cast grew.

RHOC‘s appeal lies in the truly fabulous lifestyles of the cast rather than their personalities. For example, the women of Orange County are the queens of awesome vacations.

6 The Real Housewives Of Dallas

rhod intro opening

Fans of the show love to hate the cast of Dallas. Kameron’s weird obsession with everything pink and her voice makes this franchise unwatchable to many. When we add Brandi’s racist comments and LeeAnne’s questionable choices and choleric personality to the mix, the whole watching experience feels too overbearing for some.

Not all cast members are all about that drama, though. It’s the most intelligent cast members that redeem RHOD.

5 The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

rhonj group shot for features

The Real Housewives of New Jersey tends to get dark and aggressive, which makes it one of the most divisive franchises of them all. Throughout the years, we have seen Teresa Giudice flip over a table, the dramatic introduction of the Gorgas, the Strippergate, Teresa going to prison, and making a comeback in season 7, and the list goes on.

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Thanks to her iconic lines, Teresa asserted herself as the star of the New Jersey squad. Unfortunately, she also grew to be among the least likable characters. New Jersey makes for outstanding reality TV, but there is definitely room for improvement when it comes to the cast.

4 The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

rhobh feature image for season 10

While housewives elsewhere don’t necessarily put appearances and reputation first, the cast of Beverly Hills is all about maintaining a perfect public image and exuding wealth. The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills are interesting to watch because as viewers, fans learn just how messy the lives of these seemingly perfect women are. It seems as if their wealth and dark issues fuel each other.

It’s been ten years since season 1. Back then, the show was much more dramatic than it is today. It has been watered down into a bunch of petty women having pointless conversations while drinking rosé, which left some fans disappointed.

3 The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

When talking about The Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast, Nene Leakes stands out the most. Some fans believe she carries the show, while others crave to see her go. Kim and Nene made for a great dynamic duo who had lots of fun together.

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Kandi, on the other hand, has her own business to attend to, so she keeps it down to earth on TV. Kenya often acted toxic, but that’s what makes The Real Housewives so addictive.

2 The Real Housewives Of Potomac

When it comes to shade-throwing, hilarious moments in the confessionals and compelling stories, The Real Housewives of Potomac takes the cake. The cast members of this franchise don’t take themselves too seriously, so it’s generally light-hearted and thus very funny to watch.

The Potomac ladies are quick, clever, and self-confident. While some franchises are drowning in toxicity and personality disorders, this one keeps things real. Things never get boring, though. The queen of petty behavior, Karen Huger, keeps us glued to our screens.

1 The Real Housewives Of New York City


The New York City gals know what makes for highly entertaining and suspenseful reality TV. Rather than coming up with ridiculous stories, the cast members of The Real Housewives Of New York City have a real connection outside of the show. They respect and genuinely care for one another.

Their conflicts are realistic and the most reasonable of the bunch. They can say pretty harsh and witty things when things get heated. And let’s not forget about their lifestyles: who doesn’t want to have a peak in the worlds of the affluent New Yorkers?

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