The Best Side Characters In Borat 2, Ranked Funniest To Most Wholesome

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is the long awaited sequel to the 2006 hit, once more starring Sacha Baron Cohen as the title character. The sequel finds Borat on a mission to the United States to deliver a gift for President Donald Trump. However, when the gift is eaten by Borat’s daughter who stowed away on the journey, he comes up with a different idea to offer her as a bride to Vice President Mike Pence.

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Things do not go according to plan to say the least, but the side characters in the film certainly are a major part of the comedic and heartfelt aspect of the wayward journey.

10 Dr. Charles Wallace

Charles Wallace in his office Borat 2


Dr. Wallace, the plastic surgeon, left a memorable impression after his appearance. He consulted with Borat and Tutar regarding the procedures he recommended she should have done. He wasn’t politically correct in the least when he discussed the looks of Jews with father and daughter, and he assured Tutar that if not for Borat being in the room, he’d be all over making “sexy talk” with her. It’s perverted, but still amusing given the setup of the scene.

9 Macey Chanel

Macey Chanel in Borat 2 on a couch

Instagram influencer Macy (it’s spelled ‘Macey’ in the film) Chanel to teach his daughter how to win the affections of an older man. The approach that Macey takes to teaching Tutar is funny. She encourages her to be more “submissive” than “aggressive” and that women are supposed to be “kind of weak.” Obviously this is terrible advice, but it’s perfect for the tone of the film. Macey is also witness to some very un-ladylike behavior from Tutar, and emphasizes that she should never do that on a date. Macey’s awful advice and her reaction to Tutar’s behavior makes her quite funny as a result.

8 Cosmetic Surgery Center Receptionist

Receptionist with Borat and Tutar in Borat 2

The receptionist at the facility where Tutar is to have her plastic surgery done was particularly funny despite her brief screen time. She has to explain to Borat why potatoes cannot be used as breast implants, but even more hilarious, she explains that the only perverts allowed in during the surgery would have to be medical personnel, either doctors or nurses.

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The casual way she says it makes the line so hysterical, and her role memorable.

7 PMS Center Representative

Employee at PMS with Borat in Borat 2

In each appearance, the representative deals with quite a lot while helping Borat communicate with Premier Nursultan Nazarbayev via fax. In the first exchange between Borat and Nazarbayev, the poor guy sees a picture of a penis, and learns it was meant for a sexting exchange between the Premier and his sister. Plus, he writes on behalf of Borat asking if his daughter would be an acceptable gift. In the second exchange, the representative learns of the graphic and brutal ways in which Borat will be executed. Now, either he’s heard worse considering his lack of reaction to the whole exchange, or else he thinks it’s some kind of joke. Either way, it’s pretty funny, considering he high-fives Borat on more than one occasion in victory.

6 Bill’s Country Farm & Feed Employee

Bill's Farm and Feed Employee with Borat and Tutar in Borat 2

This employee thinks nothing of it when Borat goes looking for a cage in preparation to “market” his daughter. Not only that, but he suspiciously knows the answer right away when Borat questions how many girls he “normally” puts in a cage “this size.” Such questions would usually raise red flags, but the employee willingly helps Borat and questions nothing, even providing answers, which makes this employee, and the scene, so funny.

5 Jerry Holleman & Jim Russell

Jim, Borat and Jerry in Borat 2

These two men are uproarious for obvious reasons. They take in Borat during quarantine, and they teach him a not-so-politically-correct tune, “The Chinese Virus Song”. They also teach him how to properly use a washer, and that Lysol is the effective killer of germs.

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Their thoughts and views on Democrats and the book that Borat has are hilarious. They turn out to be good friends to Borat, even helping him track down Tutar later on.

4 Brian

Brian and Borat in Borat 2

Brian earns points on the wholesome scale simply for his patience. He teaches Borat how to utilize the latest technology, including FaceTime and how to use Google to ask questions. Unfortunately, Brian is witness to Borat’s Pornhub visits, though this is humorous for audiences. Instead of making fun of Borat for his misunderstanding of FaceTime, Brian just keeps trying to tell him how it actually works. Brian comes in handy too when Borat and Tutar later blackmail Nazarbayev, having recorded his admission of his dastardly plans.

3 Melinda

Melinda in Borat 2

Melinda is an employee at the hair salon that Tutar goes to as part of her makeover for Mike Pence. Melinda is very friendly and kind, ignoring Borat’s (who’s in diguise) inappropriate request that she “make a hotsy out of this Nazi” as he refers to his daughter. Plus, when Tutar lifts her dress to show Melinda her hair, Melinda handles the situation calmly, simply saying “no ma’am, not that hair”, and correcting Borat by letting him know that the picture of the hairstyle he’s showing her is actually a “gentleman” (specifically, Dog the Bounty Hunter). She’s polite, friendly and kind during her entire exchange with father and daughter.

2 Pastor Jonathan Bright

Pastor Jonathan Bright with Tutar and Borat in Borat 2

Jonathan was undoubtedly a good man, and he tried to help Tutar and Borat. However, he totally misunderstood the situation, thinking that the “baby” they were discussing was the real thing and not the plastic model Tutar had unintentionally swallowed.

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Though, the way Tutar and Borat tried explaining the situation didn’t help. Jonathan wasn’t judgmental at all, he was patient, and he was trying to do what he could to help; the scene was hilarious, but Jonathan really is a respectable guy at heart.

1 Jeanise Jones

Tutar and Jeanise Jones in Borat 2

Tutar’s babysitter is undoubtedly the most wholesome side character. She teaches Tutar another way of thinking, showing her that the book she carries is full of lies and that women are capable of much more than Tutar has been raised to believe. Jeanise challenges Tutar, ultimately talking the young girl out of plastic surgery and encouraging her to think for herself. She later pushes Borat to stop Tutar from giving herself to Rudy Giuliani on his behalf. She truly cares for Tutar, and it’s shown in everything she does for her.

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