Erika Jayne Files For Divorce From Tom Girardi

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Erika Jayne revealed in a statement that she made the decision to file for divorce from husband Tom Girardi.

Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just learned that Erika Jayne has made the hard decision to file for divorce from husband Tom Girardi. Bravo enthusiasts are wondering if the love between these two fizzled out, or if the blonde became too big for her britches.

The real Housewife and pop singer Erika Jayne has always been a fan favorite on the 90210 Bravo franchise. She has a silver tongue, which often cuts her co-stars to the quick. The blonde recently made headlines for acting aggressively towards a fan page on Instagram. Despite rumors that she might not return to Bravo’s screens, Erika has been seen filming for the next season of the franchise. But this time, it looks as if she may be flying solo.

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It looks like Erika will have to start funding her own glam squad soon. In an exclusive interview with E! Newsthe star announced she made the decision to divorce her lawyer husband, Tom. The couple has been married 21 years and shares no children together. Bravo fans will recall that, back in 2017, Erika admitted she and her soon-to-be ex-husband did not have a prenup. Her statement also read, “After much consideration, I have decided to end my marriage to Tom Girardi.” Erika did not mince her words, and fans expected nothing less.


Despite her decision to divorce, the couple seemed to still be on good terms with little love lost. Erika said she still had “great love and respect for Tom and for our years and the lives we built together.” The power couple was married back in 1999 after Erika met Tom while serving him cocktails in West Hollywood. The Beverly Hills housewife revealed in her book that she decided to give her phone number to the attorney, and he called her. While fans felt the 33-year age gap was a bit much to swallow, Erika always defended her marriage and often divulged that she was tired of getting negative feedback. She made it clear during her first season of the franchise that she was tired of being labeled a gold digger when she had simply fallen in love with an older man.

While most fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seemed a bit surprised by the news, others thought the breakup had been a long time coming. Many viewers felt that their relationship was faltering in recent seasons, since Erika did not like to talk about their sex life and rarely mentioned Tom at all. Hopefully, the two will be able to settle their divorce quickly and out of the public eye.

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Source: E! News

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