Among Us IQ Levels Explained

You may have noticed some Among Us content titles include an IQ number, but what does this mean? Here’s an explanation of Among Us IQs, high and low.

There are a lot of Among Us videos and other content that contain “IQ” in the title, but what does this mean? Some titles include a variety of numbers and may read as something like, “Among Us Using 300 IQ” or “Among Us 1000 Impostor IQ,” or even, “Among Us but with 0 IQ.” The answer is simpler than one may think.

IQ stands for “intelligence quotient,” and was first coined by psychologist William Stern in the early 1900s. It is used as a score to assess human intelligence. In reality, scores from IQ tests are only educated estimates of a person’s intellect, as it’s difficult to truly evaluate how an individual acquires and applies his or her skills, logic, and understanding in the real world, although tests are more accurate today than they used to be.

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Many fan-made videos, comics, and other Among Us media will oftentimes include “IQ” in the title as a teaser for what kind of content viewers should expect. It has nothing to do with the player avatars or Among Us game settings. IQ numbers range from zero to thousands of millions, and these numbers should very much be taken with a grain of salt. Below is a more in-depth explanation.

Among Us IQ Numbers Meaning

Among Us IQ


Similar to a real IQ test – though typically way less accurate – fans of InnerSloth’s murder mystery game use these IQ numbers to serve more as a general approximation for how smart Among Us users are playing the online multiplayer. It’s a bit silly to define an Impostor or Crewmate’s actions solely with a number, but it seems to get the point across well enough. In most cases, larger numbers indicate the content will include some big brain plays, displaying top-tier level tips, tricks, and strategies for playing either Crewmates or Impostors. Of course, as these numbers are designated by the content creators, the number used may be up for debate.

Naturally, lower IQ numbers in Among Us content titles indicate ignorant player actions, and will likely display a comical scenario played out by users who don’t appear to be wearing their thinking caps. It can be used as a harsh way of calling out some novice gamers – which isn’t surprising as far as Internet etiquette goes – but a lot of times a lower IQ in Among Us can just hint that some slap-stick comic relief will follow.

A majority of the time, a high IQ number is just another way for users to either flex their skills or hype up their content, which isn’t to say some of this material isn’t worth viewing. In fact, some can be pretty entertaining if not useful for developing one’s own Among Us strategy. Additionally, a lower IQ number tends to attract an audience the same way general epic fail videos do. They could also be used as examples for things players should never do in Among Us. No matter the IQ number, having it in the title offers a good hint as to what kind of Among Us content will follow.

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