1920s Fast & Furious Movie Is A Must After Vintage Movie Poster Surfaces

A poster from the 1920s Fast & Furious film is making the rounds online making a great case for a period movie from the Vin Diesel-led franchise.

The re-emergence of a Fast & Furious movie poster from the 1920s makes a great case why the Vin Diesel-led series was born needs to include a period installment. Starting off as a franchise that primarily deals with street racing, it has evolved into a full-blown action film series with eight entries from the main Fast Saga. There’s already another movie that has used the title decades before its contemporary counterpart.

Diesel is joined by a stellar cast of characters including Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Nathalie Emmanuel, and Sung Kang. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham were also once part of the primary Fast & Furious films, but with their own spinoff in Hobbs & Shaw, it’s uncertain if they’ll be back to rejoin the franchise’s main core. While fans primarily know the property, however, via these Universal blockbusters, there was actually a previous film in the 1920s that also had the same title, and recently, its original poster found its way online.

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Shared by Twitter account Silent Movie GIFS is an image of the said Fast and Furious film released in 1924. Directed by Norman Taurog and starring Lige Conley, it’s about a shop’s earning being stolen, with one of its employees going after the thieves. Director David F. Sandberg joins in the conversation about this retro film and posted a GIF imagining what the modern Fast & Furious film would look like if it’s set almost 100 years ago. Check out the tweets below:

In the comments section, there are side-by-side images from both Fast & Furious movies, joking about how they can essentially be the same thing. Like Diesel’s franchise, the 1920s film also boasts “fast-action” and features “many hair-raising stunts,” but the period movie is more comedic than its modern counterpart. It’s also worth noting that there’s also another Fast and Furious film released in 1927, this time directed by Melville B. Brown and starring Reginald Denny, Barbara Worth, Claude Gillingwater, and Armand Kaliz; the project was released by Universal Pictures, the same one distributing the ongoing series.

While there’s no time for Fast & Furious to actually do a period installment since it’s supposed to wrap up with a two-parter, that doesn’t mean that they can’t play with timelines anymore. Aside from the confirmation that Fast 10 will see Dom go to space, there’s also a case to be made about the gang traveling back in time for their final mission. Whether or not this will be the case is uncertain right now, especially since everyone’s still waiting to see what goes down Fast 9, but at this point, the franchise has executed some unbelievably ridiculous stunts, the idea is not out of the realm of possibility.

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Source: Silent Movie GIFS, David F. Sandberg

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